Hundreds Attended Healthy Families, Happy Lives; First Annual Event in Bethel

MOMs Club of Bethel were pleased with the great turn-out


Throughout the afternoon on Sunday,  workshops covering the topics of domestic violence/ dating violence, cyber safety, a team approach to bullying, and child sexual abuse were given at the June 3rd,  first annual event, “Healthy Families, Healthy Lives.” 

 “If this event helped to save one life, it was worth it,” said Cindy Rizzo, event chairperson and found of MOMS Club of Bethel. 

The event was held at the Municipal Center and was sponsored by the MOMS Club of Bethel.  Over 300 people and 35 vendors attended from throughout the Bethel area. 

Games and entertainment were provided by “The Guys Over There” band, The comic Magic of Danny Diamond, Bethel School of Dance, Seven Star School of Performing Arts, and Academy of Arts. Raffles and silent auctions were also offered throughout the day. 

Over 40 donors and volunteers from Bethel Cup Scout Pack 15, Bethel Girl Scout Troop 50006, and several others, along with the sponsors and event committee, helped make the afternoon event possible. 

Alycia Matchen, President MOMS Club of Bethel, was pleased with the turn-out.  She said, “This event was pretty good for the first one and I thank the public and all those who attended and took part of this.”

“I am honored and proud of this local organization for putting this event together today,” said Lisa Sweeting, CT state coordinator of MOMS Club, who offered a special thanks to Alycia Matchen,  President MOMS Club of Bethel; Elizabeth Fisher, Vice President MOMS Club of Bethel;  Kelly Mullins, program manager, Women’s Center of Greater Danbury; Cindy Rizzo, Event chairperson and founder of MOMS Club of Bethel; and Audrey Stejskal, Girl Scout Leader and Former President MOMS Club of Bethel. 

MOMS club is always taking new members. 


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