Seeking Connecticut’s Best Tourist Spot

Connecticut is betting $27 million that the state can become a hub for tourism. One plan is to find the most popular spot in the state, as picked by voters.

Connecticut’s “Still Revolutionary” tourism campaign is reaching out to its Facebook fans and Twitter followers to find the best spot in the state.

The campaign announced Tuesday that it’s using its Facebook and Twitter pages to elicit submissions for “a CT destination that most exemplified ‘still revolutionary’” for the next two weeks. Eventually the submissions will be open to a vote. 

Nominations can be written on the group’s Facebook page, provided the location, "enhances and supports the image of Connecticut as ‘still revolutionary’ a destination that continues to inspire visitors" and “serves as a true tourism attraction/destination for the state, either built or natural.”

Submissions are also accepted through Twitter. Not eligible for nominations are restaurants, individuals, retail stores, cities or municipalities.


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