VIDEO: Saturday Night at The Sycamore: '50s Style

The hot rods, the car hop service, the music.....


What better way to spend a hot summer Saturday night than sipping a vanilla milkshake at the counter of the Sycamore, or comparing antique car notes with long time friends?

Such was this past weekend, a busy Saturday night complete with colorful cars, their hoods up and engines exposed. The music blared with songs about pretty women and being on the outside, looking in.

For some, those are just old songs.  For others, they brings back childhood memories.  Maybe for some of those who were there, last Saturday night was a reenactment of their own pony tail and bobby socks years.  

What does that time period mean to you?  Were you there, on a hot summer Saturday night, at the Sycamore in 1957, singing along with Paul Anka, "Stay with me, Diana..."

If you were, share your memories in the comments.  And maybe play the video while you're writing, and let the music tweak your memories.


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