Bethel Swimmers Enjoy a Great Day at the Pool

Information sent by Bob Rogers.

The Bethel Parks & Recreation Summer Swim team completed their season with the State Line League Championships held at Pomperaug High School earlier this month. The State Line league consists of over 15 teams from local clubs, community and town programs. Head coach Kelly Nichols and coaches Justin McCabe, Tate Rogers and Patrick Garrity had both the 10 year old & Under and 11-16 teams ready for their best times.

Nine Bethel swimmers took Top Five finishes including a 1st place finish by Tucker Bjornson in the 13-14 year old 50 Back stroke. James Canfield and 8-year-old Michael Mason earned 2nd place overall honors. Katie Bozzuti and Matt Harkins took home a pair of Top Five finishes for the Bethel P&R team.

With strong performances in both the senior divisions and younger ages, Bethel Swimming looks strong for the high school swim team for many years to come.


Top Five Bethel Finishers:

1st Place            Tucker Bjornson (13-14) 50 Back

2nd Place           Michael Mason (8 & Under) 25 Back

                        James Canfield (13-14) 50 Free

3rd Place           Michael Renda (9-10) 25 Fly

                        Katie Bozzuti (15-16) 100 Free

                        David Hayes (11-12) 50 Free

                        Aiden Ford (15-16) 50 Free

5th Place            Matt Harkins (11-12) 50 Free

                        Katie Bozzuti (15-16) 50 Free

                        Molly Nichols (15-16) 50 Breast

                        Matt Harkins (11-12) 50 Fly                    



10 & Under Bethel P&R Results:

8&Under Medley Relay: 

Daniel Rodriquez, Gabby Cantu, Nicholas Rodriguez, Liberty Nocito   2:22.62

9&10 Medley Relay:  

Bethel B (Juliana Cantu, Shawn Sato, Michael Renda, Gabrielle Mendonca)  1:45.34

Bethel A (Matthew Canfield, Ashleigh Hobbs, Michael Mason, Isabelle Beers)  1:42.41

8&Under Girls 25 Free:

Liberty Nocito                23.04

8&Under Boys 25 Free:

Michael Mason              21.08

9&10 Girls 25 Free:

Isabelle Beers                19.82

Ashleigh Hobbs             19.72

9&10 Boys 25 Free:

Matthew Canfield           17.66

Shawn Sato                   20.68

Michael Renda               17.72

8&Under Boys 25 Back:

Michael Mason              21.31**

9&10 Girls 25 Back:

Juliana Cantu                 30.21

9&10 Boys 25 Back:

Matthew Canfield           22.48

9&10 Boys 25 Fly:

Michael Renda               21.47**

9&10 Girls Free Relay:

Isabelle Beers, Ashleigh Hobbs, Juliana Cantu, Gabby Mendonca   1:34.29

9&10 Boys Free Relay:

Matthew Canfield, Michael Mason, Shawn Sato, Michael Renda   1:24.02


11 & Up Bethel P&R Results:

11&12 Medley Relay: 

Bethel B (Slater Bjornson, Sonia Mason, Anthony Rodriguez, Hanna Sato)   3:00.90

Bethel A (Danielle Canfield, Emma Beers, Matt Harkins, David Hayes)   2:30.42

13-16 Medley Relay:

Aiden Ford, Molly Nichols, James Canfield, Tucker Bjornson   2:12.40

11&12 Girls 100 Free:

Danielle Canfield            1:09.65

15-16 Girls 100 Free:

Katie Bozzuti                 1:06.19**

11&12 Girls 50 Free:

Hanna Sato                   38.29

Sophie Bjornson            35.15

Emma Beers                 34.82

Sophie Morton               34.22

Danielle Canfield            32.21

11&12 Boys 50 Free:

Anthony Rodriguez         34.95

Matt Harkins                  31.84**

David Hayes                  30.35**

13-14 Girls 50 Free:

Julia Morton                   35.15

13-14 Boys 50 Free:

James Canfield              26.87**

15-16 Girls 50 Free:

Aiden Ford                    29.14**

Katie Bozzuti                 30.13**

11-12 Boys 50 Back:

David Hayes                  40.42**

13-14 Boys 50 Back:

Tucker Bjornson             29.26**

15-16 Girls 50 Back:

Aiden Ford                    35.64

11&12 Girls 50 Breast:

Sonia Mason                 44.44

15-16 Girls 50 Breast:

Molly Nichols                 38.53**

11&12 Boys 50 Fly:

Matt Harkins                  39.51**

13-14 Boys 50 Fly:

James Canfield              32.38

15-16 Girls 50 Fly:

Molly Nichols                 37.67

11&12 Girls Free Relay:

Sophie Morton, Sophie Bjornson, Abby Bozzuti, Danielle Canfield   2:21.81

11&12 Boys Free Relay:

Matt Harkins, Anthony Rodriguez, Slater Bjornson, David Hayes   2:10.94

13-16 Girls Free Relay:

Aiden Ford, Molly Nichols, Julia Morton, Katie Bozzuti   2:06.88

Bob Rogers August 19, 2011 at 04:28 PM
Go Bethel Swim!!!
Kristina Villamana August 19, 2011 at 05:43 PM
Great job to all swimmers who competed! And congratulations to those who placed!
Bob Rogers August 19, 2011 at 10:05 PM
Is this the same Kristina Villamana who swam on the BHS 200 Free Realy team in the 2005 State team???? Finishing 17th, but tops among co-ed teams with Dana, Chris and William..... Friends of Bethel Swim will find you this Christmas break for the Alumni Swim meet...... start practicing that 50 Free......
Robin Bjornson August 20, 2011 at 04:38 PM
Great article Bob!! The summer swim team was one of the best.The kids had a great season. State Line Championships was successful, with many swimmers turning in PB times! Nice job coaches! Photo credits w/ my name belong to the amazing Matt Dekwett. I was able to up-load new pics from the summer season, thanks to the talented Sue Cleary!!!
Robin Bjornson August 20, 2011 at 04:44 PM
Just an FYI....there was a pair of 4th place finishes too! James Canfield took 4th in the 50FLY & Tucker took 4th in the 100IM! Looking to be a great HS season!


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