Bethel Small Business Profile: Insurance Center

Highlighting local entrepreneurs in Bethel.

As part of Bethel Patch's Small Business Saturday series, we've asked local business to tell us a little more about themselves.

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The Insurance Center

Business Address
6 Stony Hill Road, Suite 210, Bethel

When and how did your business get started?
Our insurance firm was formed in Stamford, CT in 1925 with a pledge to serve all of Fairfield County.

Why did you choose the town you chose to start your business in?
We started in Stamford to serve the needs of the real estate and construction industries. We grew into a firm that provided all forms of business and personal insurance. We opened our Bethel office in 1999 and moved to our operations to Bethel in 2012.   

What is your business best known for?   
We are specialists in unique workers compensation programs primarily for the trades and blue/grey collar business. We also serve the institutional marketplace - churches, charities, nonprofits, private schools, daycare. We also work in the transportation and hospitality marketplace.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know?   
We provide value-added services that are not typical of the average insurance firm. We provide access to an OSHA library, worksite audits, HR consultation, reduced prices for business services, workplace best-practices training, TIPS training for restaurants/bars, etc.

How can people contact your business?

What is your business website address?

Does your business offer a special deals card or program?
For our nonprofit clients, we provide a donation for referrals equivalent to 50% of our gross income if we close the referred business. For professionals such as realtors, attorneys, bankers who refer our services, we provide a finders fee. For existing clients, we send a gift card up to $25 for each referral that translates to written business.


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