K-L Board Responds to Teacher Union Criticism of Kreutzer

The following is a statement from Mark Lipton.

Mark Lipton, the Katonah-Lewisboro school board president, released a statement regarding Thursday night's school board meeting where members of the Katonah Lewisboro District Teacher's Association voiced their displeasure over the leadership of Paul Kreutzer, superintendent of schools.

On Thursday evening, the Board of Education was unexpectedly presented with a set of concerns by the Katonah-Lewisboro District Teachers Association (KLDTA) regarding the leadership of our Superintendent of Schools. Oddly, many of these concerns date to Dr. Kreutzer's previous employment in Wisconsin, while others refer to his time in Katonah-Lewisboro. 

None of the information made known to the public was unknown to the Board, and we find it unfortunate that the KLDTA chose to share its concerns in a confrontational public manner, rather than utilizing appropriate and respectful channels of communication.

It is the Board of Education that is responsible for ensuring that the Superintendent discharges his duties effectively. As mandated by contract, the Board will continue to exercise its performance evaluations of the Superintendent using our established protocols.

Lisa Buchman December 18, 2012 at 04:19 AM
To set the record straight @willfulblindness and the individuals who have been emailing me: I spent a week last winter with my immediate family and my in-laws in the Caribbean. It was lovely. I also bumped into the Kreutzer's in the airport the day we left, coincidentally. I also ran the Leatherman's Loop with Amy Kreutzer, who kindly offered me to share a number for the race. Our daughters are also in the same grade and the same brownie troop, of which I am a co-leader. I'm not sure why all of this is relevant to the discussion at hand. If you have any doubts about my professionalism and/or ability to report on the matters of the Katonah Lewisboro school district—or if you need hotel recommendations in Turks & Caicos—I'd be happy to discuss with you. Feel free to call me at 914-319-9044.
Michael Gordon December 18, 2012 at 12:56 PM
It's unfortunate that Ms. Buchman felt the need to provide details about her personal life in response to random insinuations by some attack dog blogger too cowardly to share his or her own name. We are fortunate to have a reporter and editor of Ms. Buchman's caliber covering events in our area. And it's nice to see she has a sense of humor.
Dean Travalino December 18, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Read the re-hashed charges. “Redacted,” “it has been reported,” etc., are all the same thing. A web of cowardly,partial truths and anonymous innuendo that never amounted to anything when the union in Wisconsin tried the same trick and has already been rejected by an independent school board investigation here. First there was the union-created spectacle at the meeting where Dr. Krueger was introduced and now we have the "South Salem Witch Trial" on the eve of contract negotiations. Even editors who report the news neutrally are in the cross-hairs of the Grebinar mafia. Parents who speak out against the union, even in the privacy of their homes, should beware, lest their children be urged to turn them in to the union leadership. I hope that the rumor -mongers and anonymous bloggers are proud of their reckless, self-serving comments. Dr. Kreutzer and his young family have embraced our community by moving here to be treated like this?
Melissa Paige Leigh December 18, 2012 at 09:10 PM
If he Dr. Kretuzer IS in fact innocent then he should readily agree to an investigation... if he has done nothing wrong, validate that!! The fact that there seems to be no response by him, no statement in the face of these allegations speaks volumes. I quote, he "refused to discuss any part of the teachers’ statement, referring queries to a district spokesman". What does THAT say? The other FACT that is so disconcerting and leads one to believe the allegations is that, and I quote yet again, " Indeed, as a result, before his first year at the helm had ended, an unprecedented number of top-level administrators have abruptly left the district." Both of my children were educated in Katonah- Lewisboro District and thankfully graduated from John Jay before Dr. Kreutzer arrived. Teacher/Coach Curtis and Ms. Grebinar were and remain instrumental parts of their JJ education, athleticism and my daughter was a peer Group Leader under the guidance of Geoff Curtis as well as former students of Ms. Grebinar . I feel I can fairly state the following; On behalf of both my children and myself, having been involved with the school, knowing both Mr. Curtis and Ms. Grebinar, that they are both educators of distinction, with integrity and a moral compass that would lead them to act strictly in the best interest of "their kids", (i,e,students). We have no reservation in our belief of the Teacher's Association and stand behind them in their official declaration of "no confidence".
Marcus J. Brutus December 18, 2012 at 10:24 PM
THE SOUTH SALEM WITCH TRIALS Ms. Leigh, these allegations were rejected in Wisconsin and re-investigated by our BOE. The new allegations were recently dismissed by a well-respected third party investigator retained by the BOE. When is enough, enough? Sandy, your attempt at character assassination failed. Get over it. What's next as contract negotiations begin? Will the union bus-in rank and file as they did last year? Will they again dress in black and stand in silent protest in the morning at elementary schools traumatizing our children?


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