Bethel Students Graduate from WCSU: Add photos of your graduate!

Listed here are the graduates from the January and May 2012.


WCSU January and May 2012 undergraduate degrees

DANBURY, CONN. — Western Connecticut State University conferred undergraduate degrees upon the following students at its 114th annual commencement ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 13, in the Westside Athletic complex stadium on the university’s Westside campus, 43 Lake Avenue Extension in Danbury. 

Bethel graduates: Jonathan T. Baker, BBA Management; Carolina Juliana Bara, BA Media Arts; John George Battocchio, BA Media Arts; Abigail E. Becher, BA English; Ellen Bennetti, AS Liberal Arts; Lauren E. Bergh, BA Psychology; Melissa H. Blackstock, BBA Management; Christine E. Booth, BS Secondary Education; Nicole E. Brothers, BBA Management; Anna N. Burns, BA Art; Valerie C. Caraluzzi, BS Health Promotion Studies; Victoria Leigh Chandler, BA Communication; Shaun M. Chang, BBA Management Information Systems; Elina J. Cordon, BBA Accounting; Devin L. Donofree, BA English; George M. Fernandes, BS Justice and Law Administration; Lindsey C. Galloway, BA Social Sciences; Michael B. Garrison, BBA Accounting; Daniel T. Garvey, BBA Finance; Donald R. Gehring, BA Communication; John P. Giraldo, BA Communication; Dannielle N. Grant, BBA Management; Julia T. Guertin, BS Elementary Education; Maureen P. Harkins, BS Elementary Education; Michelle M. Henderson, BA Biology; Kevin S. Jones, BA Media Arts; Krystal L. Knapp, BBA Accounting; Mercedes R. Koehler, BS Secondary Education; Caio E. Kowarick, BA Contract Major; Precilia M. Lean, BBA Accounting; Meredith L. Ledney, AS Liberal Arts; Xiaowei Lin, BBA Accounting; Patricia M. Lynch, BS Health Education; Ann Marie Mazza, BS Health Promotion Studies; Colleen E. McClellan, BA Psychology; Alexander Charles McCollam, BA Media Arts; Stephen A. Muffatti, BA History; Jessica M. Murphy, BS Health Promotion Studies; Ashley M. Panettiere, BBA Accounting; Samuel A. Paproski, BBA Accounting; Brista Pental, BBA Management; Christie A. Porcelli, BBA Management Information Systems; Andrew A. Prosio, BBA Finance; Ryan J. Rose, BA Anthropology/Sociology; Lara A. Saraiva, BBA Management; Tessa A. Schoen, BA Psychology; Laura D. Schultz, BA Social Work; Steven M. Shanley, BS Justice and Law Administration; Ryan M. Stephens, BBA Management; Alexandre J. Teixeira, BA Art; Katie A. Trohalis, BA History; Tiffany A. Uliano, BA Psychology; Joshua P. Vaghi, BS Health Promotion Studies; Ashley A. Veach, BA History; H. John Voorhees II, BA Economics 


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