Bethel High Awards nearly 3 Million in Scholarships to class of 2012

Awards were given to seniors that earned scholarships of all kinds and amounts

$2, 990,164 .00 awarded in scholarships to graduating class of 2012

Awards were presented to the following students in the graduating class in alphabetical order:

Pedro Alves: Caraluzzi Family

Kimberly Atherton: Sodexho Cook off

Gabrielle Berger: Syracuse U Grant,American Legion,ATT/BEF award, George Shaker

Olivia Berger: Bethel PD Benevolent Assoc

Vatsal Bagwani: Rensselear PI Leadership award

Brian Birdsell: SWC referee association and others including Ralph DeSantis and Bethel Fish and Game,ASBC Gold

Kimberly Bischoff: Caraluzzi Family

Hannah Bjornson:Caraluzzi Family,Community Scholarship group

Brianne Bohrmann: O'Grady Family

Angelica Bonnabeau: Arcadia Univ Acheivement award and Distinguished Scholarship

Eric Bott: Roger Williams Univ Leadership awardII,University Grant, Educational Award,Rockwell PTO,James Hennessey

Katherine Bozzutti: McKissick Scholarship

Carolyn Bradshaw: Iona Scholarship

Travis Braistad: UCONN Academic Excellence Scholarship

Cameron Brown: UCONN instate grant

Morgan Chelednik:Sodexho cook off

Matthew Correnty: Bethel Central PTO,ASBC

Pallma Crouch: NE Archers,Bethel Central PTO

Nick Damraska: Drexel Merit Scholarship

Madhumita Das: UCONN Academic Excellence Scholarship

Brian Debacher: Ct Society of CPA's

Allison Demers: American Legion

Sam Dolan: Fisher College Opportunity Scholarship

Madison Duffy: Franklin Pierce Athletic Award, Provost and Health awards,Val Dickinson Volleyball Memorial Award

John Esposito: James Hennessey, Imagine America

Yesenia Evaristo: SCSU Merit Scholarship

Meghan Fehr: Caraluzzi family

Lisa Ferguson: Oklahoma State Univ Non resident Achievement scholarship,Sodexho School Food Services,Nazda Zowine & Mary Antous,Science Horizons

Christina Filipakkos: Barbara Beckwith Scholarship

Katherine Filler: BYF and CC

Stephanie Forese: Sodexo cook off

Angela Franzese: Bryant University Merit Scholarship,Bethel Chamber Of Commerce

Kevin Gallagher: Imagien America

Matthew Gallagher: Nino Vaghi Good Sportmanship award

Andrea Germinaro: Sodexho cook off

Serina Ghio: Fayette Overholt Trust

Hayley Gill: Hord Foundation

Stephen Hallock: CT Grant for Public Colleges, CSU Grant,Lions Club award,Rockwell PTO, Old Timers ,American Legion,PTSO Scholarship,Anna Troy Scholarship,James Henenssey

Erin Hannagan: Fairfield Univ Bellarmine Scholarship,Delta Kappa Gamma Book award, Knights of Columbus, James Hennessey,Robert Hugo

Abdullah Hasan: UCONN leadership Scholarship,Berry PTO, Bethel Public Library,Kiwanis Club

Raquel Howard: Curry College Academic Scholarship

Amanda Johnson: Ella Grasso Award,Bethel Education Assoc,Cadet Teacher, BYF and CC

Sarah Kraver: Bethel Central PTO

Marcella Lavras: UCONN Grant,Old Timers, Barry Curina,BYSA

Allison Leavey: UVM Presidential Scholarship,Cadet Teachers

Nicole Leonard:Fayette Overholt Trust

Ariel Ligowski: Liberty University Champion ,Pastor Alumni Award,Xtreme Impact Scholarship

Jenna Mango: Henry Moehlmann Scholarship,

Alyssa Martinez: Boston University Merit Scholarship

Cara McAteer: American Legion ,ASBC

Sean McNamera: Berry PTO,Randy Noe award

Nick Melvin: Northeastern U Grant,Fayette Overholt Trust

Brian Michalka:Big Y award,St. Ann Society of Norwalk, Science Horizons,Comcast leaders and Achievers,ASBC

Henry Miller: Barbara Beckwith scholarship

Nick Miner: BYSA, Newtown Savings Bank,Herbert Berg

Connoe Niessing: American Legion

Casey Oberhammer: NM Police Union

David Oliva: U of Hartford Alumni Grant

Stephanie Pagelson: URI Academic Scholarship

Kelsey Parsons: UCONN Award, BHS Alumnni award,Bertha Menegay

Courtney Pessolano: Quinnipiac Univ Instate Grant

Chelsea Pirro: WCSU State Grant

Emily Randhahn: Mary Lyon Grant, Mt Holyoke Leadership award,Albert Janesky Scholarship,Fayette Overholt

Shelby Reeves: Fordham Jogues Scholarship, George O'Keefe,Big Y award

Claire Rodgers: Berry School PTO, Fayette Overholt Trust,Korean War Veterans

Caroline Schneider: Iona Grant, Iona Merit Scholarship,ATT/BEF award,Berry PTO,American Legion, James Hennessey

Steven Segiet: Univ of N Texas Eagles on the Rise scholarship

Brianna Sherwood:Henry Moehlmann Scholarship

Lydia Socci: Friends of Bethel Seniors, Caraluzzi Family , Bethel VNA, Nazda Zowine & Mary Antous,Rotary Club 

Autumn Sorice: NM Police Union

Nick Spinella: Scott Anderson Scholarship

Katherine Struth: UMASS Chancellor's Scholarship

Renato Taiule: Fairfield Univ Bellarmine scholarship

Vinny Tiburcio: Armand Guertin Scholarship

Paige Trusock: UNH Grant

Brian Walters: BHS Alumni Assoc

Kathryn Wichman: WCSU Honors Scholarship,Cadet Teacher,N Fairfield Cty Assoc of retired teachers

Jake Williams: Pace University President's Scholarship

Jocelyn Willsey: Sodexho cook off,American Assoc of University Women

Christopher Wong: St John's Academic Scholarship

Julie Zeller: CSU Grant, Johnson School staff scholarship,Martin Ryan award, Mazda Zowine & Mary Antous,Science Horizons

All sports booster Wildcat Gold winners:
Madison Duffy, Sean Roberts,Jonny Matthews,Kelsey Parsons,Brian Birdsell, Brian Walters

Autumn Sorice,Nick Melvin,Jenna Mango Sarah Kraver,Steven Segiet

TH Burke memorial scholarship: Jonny Matthews
TJ Burke ASBC: Travis Braisted

James Thomsen Memorial scholarship: Nick  Melvin

Ken Angell NJROTC Pride:Nick Damraska, Madison Denny

Appointment to West Point: Brandon Schmidt

NJROTC 4 yr scholarship: Matt Correnty

Naval Prepratory Academy: Madison Denny

Dana Eaton June 01, 2012 at 11:59 AM
A little more detail: Brian Michalka was awarded the All Sports Booster Club Gary M. Chesley Scholarship, Matt Correnty was awarded the All Sports Booster Club Ralph J. DeSantis Scholarship, and Cara McAteer was awarded the All Sports Booster Club Sandy LaFlam Kasack Scholarship. Congratulations Class of 2012!
Ralph E. Costanzo III June 02, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Over the last four years, I have had the honor of coaching seventeen of these senior athletes in various sports. Let me tell you fellow citizens of Bethel, they have reflected well for this town, their families and Bethel High school...not only in their athletic abilities but most of all in their determination to be leaders, helpful teammates and honorable citizens! Congratulations to all the Class of 2012! Two special "Well Done's" to Ms. Denny and Mr. Schmidt on furthering your careers in the military at the Naval Prepratory Academy and West Point, respectively. These are two great achivements and continue to shine the light of excellence exhibited by all in the Class of 2012! Good Luck and Take Care, Coach Costanzo


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