Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden debated on Thursday night in Kentucky, and participants in Patch’s statewide live blog in Connecticut offered some pointed observations.

Often acting as surrogates for their running mates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan squared off on international affairs, taxes and abortion in the only vice presidential debate of the election season. 

The candidates found little to agree on, whether it was a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, raising taxes and reforming entitlement programs. As expected, both sides spun the debate performances as victories.  

One clear winner appeared to be widely-praised moderator Martha Raddatz, yet she did receive some criticism from conservatives.

Patch ran a statewide live blog that attracted upwards of 40 participants who offered their thoughts on the debate. Here are some of their reactions.


It's a toss-up. Biden: overconfident "I'm the voice of experience." Ryan: far-too-smiley equanimity.

John Flanagan:

Fortunately, or unfortunately, to the benefit of whichever VP candidate is deemed tomorrow, by the talking heads, to have fared worse, the debate is scheduled in the midst of the Yankees/Orioles, A's/Giants baseball playoffs and the Thursday night Steelers/Titans football games.


I was a little underwhelmed by this debate, but...full disclosure, I was a little distracted so it might be better when I rewatch it from the start.


Biden is a mouthpiece, an empty suit.


"Sometimes the words do not come out of your mouth the right way [said by Ryan to Biden]" will be the quote for the 2012 debate.


I love Biden's Passion.


Biden just nailed him on being a hypocrite about that stimulus.


Ryan is calm, cool, and collected. Biden is angry and looks like a fool.

Archie Bunker III

Ryan, the phony also said he RAN a marathon in under 3 hours, when in REALITY-VILLE, it was OVER 4 HOURS. A completely scummy lie, FOR SURE! I ran 15 marathons more than 30 years ago and have NO problem remembering the times.

Bob B October 12, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Biden obviously won the debate. I do find it funny that Republicans are bashing Martha Raddatz. She was very good - and actually asked insightful questions. After constant consumption of FOX NEWS propoganda - it must be a little striking for the Repubs to see an actual reporter asking questions and not accepting the "Republican Talking Points" responses with a vigorous approving nod. I think the reason Repubs are so angry at Raddatz is the debate showed how little Ryan understands how complicated foreign affairs can be and highlighted his inability to identify with the average American (takers - not makers). The idea that he would be a heartbeat away from the presidency must scare even them! Somebody grab the ETCH-A-SKETCH!
Jennifer Nicoletti October 12, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Martha Raddatz was awful. She not only let Biden interrupt 82 times, joined in and kept engaging in tag team interrupting. Let the man be heard. I'm sure the Democrats love it because they can't win on Obama's record. Biden was rude, arrogant and inappropriate as usual. Good for you Paul Ryan for showing class.
Bill Hillman October 12, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Debate was lost for lack of a moderator. Losing all control, Biden acted out, bullying his way into Ryan's time. It's typical, Democrats just want to yell and outshout their opposition when things are being said they don't like or agree with. Shameful he presently holds high office.
MAC October 12, 2012 at 10:38 PM
At first I wanted to slap the smirks off Biden's face, but then I realized that my prayers had been answered.  I had prayed that he would reveal himself to the voters for what he really is; and that is exactly what Joe was doing with his inappropriate laughter (when a disastrous economy and murders of Americans in Libya were being discussed!), rude and constant interruptions of Ryan, and angry, snide and condescending, if not outright mean, treatment of his debate opponent. The thing is, Dems believe Joe won the debate, but he may have helped them lose the election.  His anger and rude, condescending behavior, treating opponents with total disdain, and absolute COLDNESS to real human economic suffering--let alone to the needless slaughter of 4 Americans in Benghazi--perfectly epitomize exactly what the Democratic party of today has become. In stark contrast, Paul Ryan was calm and respectful, even-tempered and even Presidential in bearing.  All but the most diehard hateful dyed-in-the-wool Dems saw that, and the Romney/Ryan "Comeback Team" definitely won this one with the Independents, whom this election depends upon! Romney/Ryan are now WINNING Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia, with Obama only a sure thing in 7 states!!
Dennis Nauheimer October 12, 2012 at 10:55 PM
In my opinion, it was a draw. Both parties made some points but not really important. Nobody votes the bottom of the ticket. They vote the top. Biden was condescending with his contant smirks and smiles and "My Friend" Ryan did get off one good line concerning Joe's foot in mouth disease. Finally to the person that commented concerning Mr. Ryan's marathon time....WHO CARES! The country is running like the Titanic and we are discussing the arrangement of the deck chairs!


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