Town Hall Budget Meeting Looms Large

Final tallies by the BOF, will the voters agree?


Community members who attended the called for a reinstatement of funds to both the Bethel Public Library and the Board of Education.  

The calls were heard and on April 10, the Board of Finance reinstated some of the funding to those two groups.  However, acccording to the Minutes, "some board members felt it was important to encourage more people to participate in the budget process, attending meetings, etc."

With the budget season winding down with finalized numbers, will you support the proposed budgets at the Town Meeting on May 7?

Here are the suggested reinstatements made by the Board of Finance, as found in the Minutes of the April 10 meeting of the Board of Finance:

The BOF voted to reinstate $250,000 to the Board of Education, which Superintendent Kevin Smith, Ph.D. said will enable the district to avoid firing any teachers and will maintain class sizes.  

The BOF voted to reinstate $3,000  to the Bethel Public Library for books and materials.

The BOF voted for the Town Budget to be set at $25,565,784.

The BOF voted for the 450-Education Budget to be set at $39,660,925.

 If these reinstatements to the budget are approved, will you vote yes in the referendum later in May? Add your thoughts in the Comments section. 


Bill Hillman May 02, 2012 at 07:34 PM
$65,226,709 That's huge, and $2,268,184 more than last year. Add the bond issue of $1,625,000, and you get $3,893,184 of new spending to be approved! That's about $500 of new spending per household, and we lose $200 of the property tax credits on top of that. I'm sure all 7500 or so households can afford that! It's only 6 cents an hour of new spend! Only 6 cents!


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