Bethel Residents Will Get Extra Time to Pay 2014-15 Tax Bills

With the budget delayed, the clock won't start ticking until the new tax bills are sent out.

One side effect of Bethel failing to pass a budget before the beginning of the new fiscal year will give residents more time to pay their tax bills, once they’re set.

Once a budget does pass and the mill rate set, the tax bills for 2014-15 will be sent out. Property owners will have 30 days from that new date to pay their bills.

Until a budget is passed, the town will continue month-to-month based on the 2013-14 budget, according to Town Charter.

In order to fund municipal operations, “The town operates on the 2013-14 budget numbers and borrows money to keep going,” First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker explained after the third vote failed at referendum.


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