Bethel Budget Squeezes Through by Three Votes

Both budgets make it by narrow margins but bond proposal passes easily.

Bethel voters approved the 2014-15 budget proposed in Tuesday’s referendum, passing the 3.36 percent spending increase by the narrowest margin.

The final unofficial tally Tuesday night had the education budget passing 1,206-1,190, a 16-vote margin, and the municipal budget passing by only three votes, 1,203-1,200.

On the non-binding advisory questions, 1,554 voters said the municipal budget was too high, while 462 said it was too low. For the education budget, 1,462 said it was too high and 552 said it was too low.

Voters also approved a bond for $2,433,145 for assorted maintenance projects, vehicle replacements and saving toward the next revaluation, voting 1,431-941.

Vote Breakdown

Municipal Budget
District 1: 105-106
District 2: 314-304
District 3: 496-428
District 4: 196-286
District 5: 72-60
Absentee: 20-16
Total: 1,203-1200

Education Budget
District 1: 106-103
District 2: 318-298
District 3: 491-427
District 4: 194-288
District 5: 80-55
Absentee: 17-19
Total: 1,206-1,190

Bond Proposal
District 1: 118-91
District 2: 383-230
District 3: 584-322
District 4: 247-232
District 5: 77-53
Absentee: 23-13
Total: 1,432-941
Aaron Boyd May 16, 2014 at 11:18 AM
UPDATE: Deputy Registrar of Voters Nancy Ryan confirmed that there will be an official recount next week, though the details are still in flux.
gary michell May 16, 2014 at 09:55 PM
It would have been one vote. BUT my wife and I are on vacation and did not vote against
Dr. Frank Mineo May 17, 2014 at 10:13 AM
Whatever the outcome of a recount, perhaps town and school leaders will take a harder look at the message that was clearly delivered with the vote and the advisory question responses. Higher taxes and spending is not the answer, rather a more robust economic development strategy is needed to attract businesses and families to our town.


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