South Street Basement Blaze More Smoke Than Fire

Bethel Fire Marshal stresses importance of having working smoke detectors.

Bethel firefighters knocked down a small basement fire at a South Street home early Thursday morning, shortly after midnight.

According to Bethel Fire Marshal Thomas Galliford, a small fire was sparked in the heating system's furnace, "creating a moderate smoke condition in the first floor."

The residents evacuated, per the emergency dispatchers, and no injuries were reported.

The damage was minimal and the residents were able to stay in their home, Galliford said.

Galliford noted that there were no smoke detectors found anywhere in the two-family dwelling.

"It is so important to have smoke detectors that work," he said. "It truly is the difference between life and death."

The fire marshal also advised residents to have and maintain carbon monoxide detectors, especially "when you have any type of fuel fired heating appliance or fireplace/wood stove in your home."

Units from both the Bethel Fire Department and Stony Hill Fire Department responded to the scene, which was cleared in about 90 minutes.


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