So Far Only One Report of Burst Pipes in Cold Snap

Bethel has been lucky so far and Fire Marshal Thomas Galliford offers tips to keep it that way.

Contributed Photo: Wilton Fire Department
Contributed Photo: Wilton Fire Department
With temperatures forecast to drop well below zero again Tuesday night and a Wind Chill Advisory in effect, residents are urge to take precautions to keep themselves safe and warm and to avoid bursting water pipes.

Bethel emergency services have only had to respond to one call for burst pipes so far since the cold snap began, Fire Marshal Thomas Galliford said — a frozen sprinkler pipe at Walnut Hill Community Church on Saturday.

Galliford said the broken pipe caused some minor water damage that was quickly repaired.

“Amazingly, this has been the only broken water pipe call that the fire departments have responded to that I am aware of,” he said Tuesday. “I am a bit surprised, but happy, that there have not been more.”

To keep it that way, Galliford offered some simple tips for residents to remember:

  • Keep the heat on... maintain at least 40-45 degrees
  • Areas that may be susceptible to freezing, such as above ceilings or concealed spaces, open up ceiling tiles to allow warm air into the space.
  • Check the insulation on pipes, especially if you have water pipes in the exterior walls of your home.
  • Open cabinet doors under your sink to allow warm air to enter.
  • Never use a torch to thaw frozen pipes! You can easily ignite nearby combustibles

And to stay warm:

  • Use approved space heaters and keep them 3 feet from combustibles — beds, drapes, etc.
  • Never use your cooking stove for heat
  • Have chimneys inspected before using wood stoves/fireplaces
  • Use a metal bucket to put discarded ashes into and dispose of in a metal container outside of the house away from leaves and brush
  • Make sure you have working smoke detectors!


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