Regan Hit-and-Run Case Continued to March 12

New Canaan resident Kate Regan, who who was charged in Nov. 2010 in a hit-and-run case after the death of a town resident, made her 21st appearance at Superior Court in Norwalk, according to the New Canaan Advertiser.


New Canaan resident Kate Regan, who was charged in Nov. 2010 in a hit-and-run case after the death of a town resident, made a brief appearance at state Superior Court in Norwalk Tuesday morning where her case was continued until March 12, according to the New Canaan Advertiser.

Tuesday's appearance was Regan's 21st since being charged with negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident, the Advertiser also states.

Regan allegedly drove away after hitting 82-year-old Krishna S. Jayaraman of New Canaan with her vehicle. Jayaraman was standing at a mailbox on Oenoke Ridge Road near the Pound Ridge border when a car struck him, according to police. In November, Regan turned herself in to police after they applied for a warrant for her arrest.

Jayaraman's family later filed a civil suit against Regan seeking damages.



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Evil Squirrel February 06, 2013 at 05:17 PM
The first bit of rational thought I've read in comments on this story.
Michael February 06, 2013 at 07:32 PM
Patrick, are u serious? I can think of many reasons why this specific type of Patch journalism is flawed and unethical. The story was reported with an incredibly biased slant from the get go. Then it was followed by several opinion pieces on the matter to drive home the point. Several patch writers have also been active in the chat rooms posting their opinions along the way. What type of credible news organization operates in this way? Could u imagine if Brian Williams reported the news and then Lester Holt said I don't know anything about this story but here is what I think. Is that fair? The fact of the matter is......This isn't news. The advertiser for example makes people register. To see their posts on the story you have to log in. When the story rolls off the top page that's it, on to the next. It doesn't continue to advertise it's blogs like the patch does on it's home page. It's not a bulletin board for anyone who wants to anonymously rant. You are trying to make the connection of an intellectual conversation and a blog/chat room. I think you are smart enough to know that they are miles apart. Btw, the word carnage was referring to the arguments that ensue after a specific story is written or post was made. Specifically when you watch the name calling start and insults fly. The Patch is the Promoter and the Ref in the fight. If you don't realize it....you are indeed a FOOL.
J.James February 12, 2013 at 04:51 PM
It wouldn't provide any purpose to the community. However, to the people who lost a husband/father/grandfather/uncle etc. because this particular New Canaanite plowed him over in her car, took off, and stopped at a body shop in Pound Ridge in a feeble attempt to repair the damage before anyone could trace that man's death back to her, I imagine it would serve quite a purpose indeed.
Patrick Henry February 12, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Michael, I am completely serious. Please show me where the reporting on this site differs from that of any other news organization covering the same case. Where is the bias? How is writing editorials to drive home a point any different from what is done across any form of media...credible and otherwise? The Advertiser allows comments, just like Patch. I recall substantial discussion over this and other news on the Advertiser site, and I also recall reading editorials online and in the print version. I do agree that Patch has been guilty of overcoverage (donkey vs. dogs was done to death) but how much of their blogs are "advertised", I won't pretend to know as I'm unsure of what that means. I do question whether your issue is with the format and not with the content itself? Do you feel there should be tighter restrictions on what people can post, anonymously and not? That sounds a bit like censorship. And perhaps I am overly idealistic to hope that this can be discussed without name-calling. After all, you called me a "fool", so my optimism is probably unrealistic.
Skillz February 16, 2013 at 06:57 PM
This shows how flawed our court system is. It will probably take 3 years+ before a plea agreement is made or this goes to trial. What purpose would it provide to the community to take a mother away from her kids over an accident? Come on, "Nancy". The woman killed a man and tried to cover it up. It would show all of us that your actions (or lack thereof) have consequences. Let daddy take care of the kids while mommy pays for her crimes. It isn't rocked science.


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