'The Middle Class Will Be Regulated Out of Existence'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

“Good for him--glad the homeowner is safe. Hopefully this sends a message to thieves to stay away from people's homes--get a job!” –

Police Ticket Man for 'Woo-ing' Down Main Street

“I've seen people do a lot worse in public and not get a ticket..,get a life people, he's still young and will do stupid things that he will look back later and laugh at.” –

Naugatuck Police, Fire Pull Suicidal Fugitive From River

“You people need to learn compassion. You don't know what his story is or what he's veen through. Before opening your mouth you should stop and think. Maybe people being so judgmental is one of the many things wrong in this world!!” -

Does America Need More Gun Control? [Poll]

“We have all been witness to what more rules and regulations do for Americans. The middle class will be regulated out of existence within the next decade. The strong majority of gun owners are ordinary people that are law abiding. More regulations will not help.” –

Barlow CAPT Scores Remain High

"How much longer will we can sit here in our beautiful quiet town, in our air conditioned homes, with our green grass growing and our flowers blooming, congratulating ourselves on our great schools and only looking to places like Weston and Darien for comparison? Right in our backyard we have some of the worst schools in the state. It is time we thought about more than ourselves." -

DUI Arrest on Pepper Street, Update on the Country Pizza Crash

“$10K for spraying someone with a hose?!” -

Obituary: MaryEllen Marques, 51, of Naugatuck

“Mrs. Marques was such a sincere warm-hearted person and my son was lucky enough to experience the guidance that she offered; she will be terribly missed by my family and our community as a whole.”–

Chris Dodd Questions Need for Assault Weapons in Wake of Denver Shootings

"He should be the LAST guy to talk about anything based on some of his shady dealings before he departed public office. The concept of lecturing the public on anything should be left to those who practice what they preach. I guess that eliminates 95% of the politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle." -


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