'One Life Was Lost and Now One Will be Ruined'

A look at comments from Patch account holders in the region.

“Fires, floods, sinkholes, dead children, and worse still parking problems. Wow. The neighborhood has room for two golf courses within half a mile of the spot but a low income family??? Bring on the wrath of God.” –

Sobriety Checkpoint Nets Many Offenders

“Maybe they should man a guard shack 24/7, like a checkpoint Charlie. Think of the overtime and taxpayer money that could be spent, AND 100% compliance with every law. Papers please.” –

“I thought they did an excellent job. Now, if only more violators of the ‘Stoptional’ signs on Old Green Rd could be cited. Serious accident/injury is certain.” – Robert Hennessey

Driver Charged in Crash That Killed Oxford Teen 

“I think the entire situation is terrible. One life was lost and now one will be ruined. I hope that this will be a wake up call to the younger generation of drivers on the road.” -

Weston Selectmen Deny Taser Appropriation

“Yep, that makes total sense; wait for another incident and hope that a neighboring town will help cover our butts.” –

Students Trashing Federally Mandated Fruit

“Is the fruit organic? If not then they are being given fruit that has pesticides. How is this healthy? And oranges and apples are the only choices? Yuck. How about grapes and berries? Someone else also mentioned that the mandate did not call for two fruit servings but rather for a fruit and a vegetable. So how about some organic fruits and vegetables as healthy and tasty choices. Instead of spending so much money on sports send some of that over to the meal budget.” –

Tree Fort on Former Mayor's Property at Center of Controversy

“COME ON!!! It's a treehouse. Rules and regulations are great, until someone takes advantage of them. I would be interested to know who's quality of life is hurting.” –

“There are no regs on a tree house and there for the zoning and building committee should go fly a kite. Tell the neighbor to live with it.” -

What Should Take Fashion Bug's Place in Stratford?

“Thank Walmart for destroying another store in Stratford. Cheap junk made in China.” –

Connecticut Voters Give Big in Presidential Race

“Stand back America and perceive reality as accurately as possible. If you succumb to campaign illusion you are destined to fail.” – 


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