Letter: Terrie Wood is Qualified, Experienced

Frances DeSouza writes, in a letter to the editor, that Terrie Woods has the right experience to represent Darien in the state House of Representatives.

To the editor:

The 141st District has been honorably served in Hartford by our State Representative, Terrie Wood, for the past four years. 

Terrie’s re-election this Nov. 6 would ensure that the residents of Darien will continue to be represented by an experienced, knowledgeable and well-respected legislator to tackle the complex issues Connecticut faces.  

During her two-term tenure, Terrie quickly established herself as an important member of the state Legislature, becoming the ranking member on the Children’s Committee as well as a member of the Appropriations and Human Services Committees and the Domestic Violence Task Force.

As a 37-year resident of the district and with a long history of community leadership (including co-founder and first chairman of the Darien Environmental Group, past president of the Darien Land Trust, a Darien Library trustee and The Community Fund trustee ), Terrie is uniquely qualified to be our district’s voice in Hartford.

Please join me in supporting the re-election of Terrie, the candidate for State Representative with the experience and proven commitment to our community.

Frances DeSouza


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