Words of Encouragement For Those Navigating High Seas

Don't live afraid that you don't measure up... our young ones are watching. And, regardless of your efforts to be this or that... you are already their superwoman. You, just as you are.


Sometimes looking inward is scary when you suspect that where you now stand is a place you may be standing in all alone.

This can sometimes happen as soon as we announce we are pregnant, when we are the first among our friends and/or family and they just don't seem to "get it."

Or, we can seem alone when it comes to the kind of birth we want, if it is different from what others in our circle would ever wish for. We can surprise ourselves when we realize we want to care for our children differently than we were raised or from the way it seems the majority around us is going about it.

Sometimes it can seem our former pre-baby choices just don't stand up to what we now we wish for our children, from how we wish to nourish, recharge, etc...

Our ground can sometimes be shaken by new ideas of how we want to educate our little ones; ideas once completely foreign to us. All of this newness can seem isolating, especially if they seem outside of our "norm."

But I urge us all not to falter. Our uniqueness is something we must embrace, isn't it? And our personal change and growth, something we must stay in tune with, accept with all our heart and soul and then translate to the world, if we really wish to use our gifts to change the world for the better in our little way by living truthfully with ourselves.

Regardless of who may seem for us or against us, we must stay true to who we are and becoming. Our gifts are by design but only successful in their purpose if we can make sense of them first and share them with others in the best, most honest, honorable and humble way we can.

What are your greatest blessings? How are you meant to make the world a better place? Are you hiding from these truths or are they hidden from you because you haven't taken a moment to really love yourself and honor your maker enough to look?

And even then, not everyone is going to understand or stand by you. But to get up to begin with, to say, "I am going to stand up and try to walk this walk and remain standing," even when you feel your knees shake, your chest explode with fear and that you may waiver... that is the true test of the quality of your gifts as a mother, a business woman, a friend, a daughter... and, in the end, your true grit.

This post is for all my fellow women out there who are being tested in more ways than they ever bargained for as moms to be and mothers in the thick of it...  In the seemingly endless situations where there are too many intersections, right and wrong turns looming... at the crossroads where we find ourselves having to make hard choices... I beg you, please, look inward towards the strengths you have been given. Pray hard for guidance and discernment. Recognize and hold on tightly to the support you have been given to surround you — you know who your sisters and brothers are — stand up and remain standing. And, when you are afraid, let them hold you, these extra hands your maker has sent you.

Why? Because you are your child's greatest hope and example and you don't want him or her to see you give up when you are unsure and afraid. You are your partners' biggest cheerleader and confidante and your child needs to know true and true, that you are both significant and meaningful to one another.

You are your sisters' or, even unbeknownst to you, that stranger's precious shoulder  to lean on. And their hope just may be that you live your life truly as you were meant to. Even if their truths differ from yours.

In this way, you see, the hope of the world is in all of our hands. Mine. Yours. It is in our ability to discern our personal truths so that we know who we are. It is in our ability to proclaim these truths with humility, with gentleness but to proclaim them all the same. It is in our decision to stand up or bow down with courage. It is in our strength to surrender our pride for trust.

Don't live afraid that you don't measure up as a mom, or anything else you are called to be... because our young ones are watching. And, regardless of your efforts to be this or that at this or that... you are already their superwoman. You, just as you are.

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Karen Silva June 12, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Beautiful, graceful words of wisdom. Thank you.
Anna Cretella June 29, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Nicely put, Thanks!


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