Do you live your life in gratitude?

~We have a choice~

We all have freedom of will, and the chance to make decisions and choices that can affect us in the next minute or throughout our lifetime.  If you have a choice, why not choose to be happy instead of miserable?  Choose to live in the positive instead of the negative!

~An attitude of gratitude~

As an intutive counselor and author, I spend much of my life teaching others to look forward to great things to come in their lives.  I also invest a good amount of time trying to shift others awareness to their present.  It's very difficult for many to also appreciate what they already have!

There's an old saying, I'm not sure who started it, but we should all live with "an attitude of gratitude".  We need to truly appreciate the vast array of goodness in our lives now, especially because you never know how long it will last!

~Enjoy what you have before it's gone~

Over the past week, I know of two people who have passed on to the other side, leaving behind bereaved and confused families.  No one knows how long you have to spend with someone before they've gone.  It's the little things you'll miss, like the sparkle in their eyes when they're excited or the way they laugh, or even the way they shoveled a path in the snow so you could get to your car.  Appreciate the time you have with your loved ones, now.

~Say thank you~

We often forget to give thanks, for the big things as well as the everyday events. Thank your angels, deceased loved ones, God, your guides, or whoever you believe in for keeping your kids safe on the bus this morning, or even thank your bus driver!  Thank the lady at the cash register, who has dark circles under her eyes, and maybe isn't as cheery as she could've been.  Your thank you could mean the world to her.

I did a reading for someone yesterday, and received a beautiful thank you note. 

" Just a note to say thank you very much.  Your time with me and the
guidance and information you gave me was truly appreciated. I have not
been this happy in years and am excited about my future."

Was she obligated to write me and share her joy?  No.  Did it help to spread her joy to me? Yes! 

~Bottom line~

The bottom line is this:  You can complain about everything, or you can embrace life.  The choice is yours.  Try an experiment.  One day, for 2 hours, live only in gratitude, appreciating everything and everyone.  Does it make you miserable?  Or happy?  Again, the choice is yours!

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Sheryl Ramey September 05, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Many thanks for a much needed reminder!


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