Ives Trail Won't Pass Through Bethel

Bethel will not be a part of the long awaited multi town hiking trail which is nearing completion.

After more than seven years of planning and coordinating, The Ives Trail is close to taking the final steps of its completion – but the trail won't cross into Bethel as had been originally envisioned.

The initial plan was for the 15 mile hiking trail to be part of 2,700-acre greenway that cut through the Terre Haute land in Bethel, across Tarrywile Park and Wooster Mountain State Park in Danbury, to Pine Mountain and Bennett's Pond State Park in Ridgefield. Early on, planners also decided to have the trail cross into Redding. Though the trail organizers are hopeful the trail, which is named for famed Danbury composer Charles Ives, will be completed by Spring or early Summer, it won't cross into Bethel, at least not at first.

“After Bethel didn't want to talk to us about going through the Terra Haute property we rerouted the trail so that it goes from Ridgefield through Danbury and into Redding,” said Mike Cunningham, of Danbury who is Chairman of the Ives Trail Task Force.

He added: “We have completed as far as we're going in Redding and in Ridgefield, and the rerouting in Danbury, (to avoid Bethel) required easements from about half a dozen different private property owners. We have secured the easements from several of those we have three easements that have been negotiated but have not been signed yet. Once those are in place the trail will be theatrically completed although not completely on the ground yet.”

Though Cunningham said the trail might be completed by the Spring he's quick to add there's been so many delays and setbacks with the project that he's “not making any promises. We were hoping to have it done by 2006 but every time we think we have a good handle on it something else comes up.”

Right now Cunningham said, “Everything from Bennett's Pond to Route 7 are complete, the portions in Tarrywile Park are pretty much complete. Much of the rest of it has been marked although the trail itself is not complete.”

With the route currently planned the trail will come within feet of the Bethel Town line, and Cunningham and other organizers are still hopeful that eventually they'll be able to add a branch of the trail that will loop through Bethel.

“We have routed it close to Bethel so that if Bethel changes its mind and allows us to use a section of Terra Haute we would be able to go through there,” he said. “We would love to have it go through Bethel because the property there is absolutely fantastic, but that's on hold until somebody can actually do something about it.”

Cunningham said that the current Bethel First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker and his three predecessors have all voiced support of the trail but they have never been able to finalize plans with the town of Bethel.

“All four of them have said they are in favor of the trail but when it actually came to allowing the trail to go through or granting an easement so that the trail could go through, nothing ever happened,” he said.

John O'Neil, the treasurer of the Bethel Land Trust and a member of the Ives Trail Task Force, was also hopeful that the trail could eventually loop through Bethel.

“One of the concerns of the town (of Bethel) has always been liability,” he said. “Now, private landowners assuming that they do not charge for use of their land for paths of recreation, in other words bird watching hiking etc. are not liable for accidents on their property. There's been an argument for some time over whether municipalities were (liable) and the legislature this year has extended that (protection) to municipalities.”

As a result, O'Neil said he believes the town of Bethel's concern about liability is “going to go away in terms of the possibility of suing.”

O'Neil said that once the liability concerns are cleared up “what we'd love to do is go ahead and do the Terra Haute route, it would end up going to the same point which would now give you a loop at the end of (the trail) so you'd come out of Tarrywile and be able to make this loop and then come back to Tarrywile.”

Efforts to create the Ives Trail first began in 2003 when Danbury's then City Planner Dennis Elpern come up with the concept for the trail as a way to utilize vast areas of public land in Danbury and surrounding towns. The large portions of the trail that have been completed provide hikers an opportunity to experience the area's natural beauty.

“It can get you into pretty much wilderness,” O'Neil said. “A good portion of this trail you are not going to see houses or roads or anything else, you could be anywhere. There are a couple of spectacular views. Pine Mountain gives a great view of the (Danbury) Airport and the (Danbury Fair) Mall and a great view of the airplanes because they're fairly low when they come over the top of Pine Mountain.”

Sandy Moy, executive director of the Tarrywile Park Authority and a member of The Ives Trail Task Force said it was great that the trail is finally nearing completion. She said ultimately they hope to link the trail up with others in Norwalk and Wilton and create a vast network of trails.

“We're hoping at some point in time to have a trail that runs from the sound in Norwalk in a big horseshoe back to the sound in Fairfield,” she said.

Though there have been setbacks along the way, she said she was encouraged by the progress of the Ives Trail and she was optimistic about the much bigger trail throughout Fairfield County.

“It's a great dream and hopefully people pick up different sections as we go along and continue to add to it and it will be a great greenway. You take two steps forward and one step back, but as long as we're still moving forward, that's the best part.”

BOB CRNIC November 21, 2011 at 05:14 PM
I wonder how much more of a downgrade Bethel will get once they realize we don't have the surplus they think we have. Our intrepid detective, Bill, should follow that lead through and see what the rest of the rating community says about good ole Bethel debt. Underfunded pensions and all Herr Knickerbocker can speak of is spend, borrow and waste.
Paul Improta November 21, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Spelling was fine, if you meant to spell FINCH. Problem here is you reveal your ignorance - misquoting, misspelling, refering to "eptitaphs" and other Slip Mahoney-like malapropisms. You fit right in with the PWT.
Bill Hillman November 21, 2011 at 06:07 PM
Bob, They (bond raters) know about the "inter enterprise loans" already. In terms of road bonding, you and I agreed a long time ago that bonding the full amount was a bad idea. That's been proven in the revised additional 4 year plan. What should be done is a bond that is used up within one year, contracted by open bids to outsource the next 24 miles of road and properly fund the highway department to maintain the rest. That will mean a trade-off in terms of other town staffing and in union negotiations. a 6 to 8 million bond for a large 1-year project + 1.5 million in the road account will fix the roads.... but it has to come from someplace other than additional taxes added to the mill rate. Then again, how will the remainder of the sewer project get completed? Will that be yet another dip into the same well for more money? What about the Police station, Rockwell and Johnson repairs? What a mess! I do hope the BOS and BOF get their stuff together by the spring budget! We, the people don't have any loose change.
BOB CRNIC November 21, 2011 at 06:09 PM
I can spell just fine evidenced by the more than 50 flyers I produced for the republican campaigns during the Burke years. The malapropisms I use are for impact and comedic affect. Something that's very foreign to your palate. If you're such a scribe, why don't you ever write copy for flyers? Why am I even asking that question? You prefer to take credit for other people's handiwork. Calling me ignorant is just too funny for words. Paul hate to blow your cover but the political Titanic you captained has sunk recently and the empty rowboat you're currently occupying is taking on water. There's no one near to latch on to save your soul. Every good captain goes down with his ship.
BOB CRNIC November 21, 2011 at 07:11 PM
We might be forced to sell Terre Haute to afford all these items. Or we can look into less expensive road re-surfacing processes that other towns like Monroe use. This budget season will be a free for all..
Paul Improta November 21, 2011 at 07:47 PM
So, what you are saying is that you choose to appear uneducated. Is that to appeal to yours' and Burke's base? Here's our "Big Loss": 30 seats open, 28 available for our cross-endorsed ticket due to minority representation. We are incumbents, so it stands to reason that we would lose some seats. Selectman - saved (You lost both candidates). Treasurer - lost. BOF - Lost three seats, only one was a Republican. We still retain the majority (So far, - 2 Republicans). BOE - Lost an Independent, thanks in part thanks to your losing candidate siphoning 638 votes, but we held five seats and the majority. Board of Assessment Appeals: Wash. P&Z - saved. P&Z Alternate - lost one (- 3 Republicans.). ZBA - Lost an Independent, in part thanks to your losing candidate. ZBA Alternate - Saved. IWC - Saved. IWC Alternate - Saved. Police Commission - saved. So, out of 28 seats, we lost three Republicans, and three Independents - Ir doesn't look too much like a Democratic "landslide" to anyone observer but you. By the way, Cleary beat you boy Burke by double, and "my lap dog" Szatkowski kicked your ass by almost three-times. Quite the guru you turned out to be.
BOB CRNIC November 22, 2011 at 12:24 AM
One thing's for sure, your idol Herr Knickerbocker sure doesn't have a clue on how to solve any problems without throwing a dumpster full of my money at it and getting little in return. I want to know who's paying for the monumental brush removal project he's committed the town's resources to? I've got a neighbor (no names) who's just pruned all his over grown bushes and dragged the cut branches to the curb and I'm paying for this nonsense?? I realize that the brush removal announcement on the eve of the election got him re-elected for sure, but why do I have to pay for his excesses? Tell you what Pietro, you don't lecture me on how to address people since it's a free country, and I'll pretend I don't know who you really are..
BOB CRNIC November 22, 2011 at 12:39 AM
Paulie, you look really pathetic trying to make us look bad. The CT Tea Party is 2 weeks old and the republican party is a major political party that's 150 years old. You have 35 people on your town committee and we don't even have one yet. That being said, you bragg about getting twice as many votes as us?? How about bragging about how the Dems got twice as many votes as you in some slots. Your top of ticket numbers are abysmal. I can't recall anyone on a major party line getting only 1200 votes for first selectman. You cannot win electons by saying nothing. By staying "positive". Why would anyone want a copy of the real thing when they can just as easily have the real McCoy. What I'm referring to is your strategy to act like Knickerbocker "light". It kind of reflects on your great "Pretend" platform. Let's pretend we're "fiscally conservative, socially liberal, pro-teacher, pro-this and pro-that. If given the choice I'd rather have knickerbocker than his crappy clone.
Bill Hillman November 22, 2011 at 01:23 AM
We are all paying for brush (non-storm) removal for whatever is not reimbursed by FEMA out of town resources. In my neighborhood, the town has already cleared twice, and I've seen professional landscapers hauling out tons of stuff (just today) from backyards to the curb. I've no doubt the ouster of Mr. Slifkin and Mr. Roden will silence part of the "discussion" likely to take place. They were both highly qualified, but lost "popularity" because they were willing to take positions that were hardball, yet fiscally prudent or unpopular to the left-wing crowd. That's a loss of over 6 decades of hard and practical business experience. I hope those going in will set aside their political affiliation and focus on the bottom line. Billy Michael may need to print a few more "no" signs next year if they don't!
BOB CRNIC November 22, 2011 at 03:50 AM
David Stevenson , you became a democrat to support Bob Burke back when he ran for Selectman with O'Hara. Bob Burke put a bathroom in your house, Put a slider and fixed doors in your 2nd wife's house and built a house at considerable savings for your ex-wife and adopted children. He saved you at least $40K and this is how you treat a man that's done so much for you. Burke gave you countless real estate leads resulting in thousands in commissions for you and this is how you dis-respect a man that puts food on your table. Shame on you David, may your soul rot in hell. For your contemptable behavior toward an honorable man you deserve to suffer a long and painful malady. There are others who you've deserted in their time of need as well and they all wish you the same outcome. Consider this a curse.
Rob W November 22, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Sheez. What a tempest in our little New England teapot... or coffee pot - take your pick. THis is better than the funnies. Thanks for the laughs, lefties and righties alike. Now, back to my job of subtly manipulating the future. You'll see... this will all work out in the end.
Paul Improta November 22, 2011 at 09:47 PM
Peter, I don't disagree with you. I stated that the Dems ran a campaign against our BOF candidates, and essentially ignored the rest of the slate. They framed our candidates as unfriendly and that they micromanaged, even were acused of running the BOS from the BOF. That was the campaign, that and that they deprived the Women's Center of money which I agree would've been better spent on road paving, or at least filling in potholes. What it comes down to is the "I, me my" factor: "Pave my freaking road already, and I don't give a hoot about my neighbor getting his paved or adding to the future debt". We are studying the voter turn-out, and aside from Knickerbocker benefitting from the robo-licious free campaign benefit of the emergency equipment, if the unaffiliated voters had a heavier turnout it is always to vote against something that to vote for it. They voted against fiscal conservatism and for immediate gratification.
Rich November 22, 2011 at 11:20 PM
@Paul: As an unaffiliated voter who supported some of your slate I disagree with your "immediate gratification" theory. My road has not been touched in the 20 years I have lived here, is that your idea of "fiscal conservatism"? It seems that many if not most of the roads have been completely ignored for the better part of 15 years. Road condition is a safety issue and should not become a component in a small towns petty partisan politics. If this is the Bethel Republicans view of fiscal conservatism then I will re-think supporting any Republican candidates in the future. You may want re-think how you characterize the unaffiliated voters in this town because if you are accusing us of immediate gratification seekers I believe you better study a little more than voter turnout.
BOB CRNIC November 23, 2011 at 12:14 AM
The Republican BOF candidates, Slifkin, Roden and Dietter lost to the Dems for two primary reasons; 1) The Tea party candidates siphoned off over 400 votes from their line and frankly, the republican town committee did nothing to defend them when the 3 witches of Eastwick got on their brooms and started railing that they were grinches for cutting the funding of charities with my tax dollars (which is just wrong) and played the "female card" saying that there were no women on the Board. The Republican Town Committe should have stomped all over those comments, now you've got 3 democrats who will vote YES YES YES to anything proposed by the big spender himself; knickerbocker. Do any of you realize that Bethel's taxes are the highest per capita in the entire area?? With that said, we have so little to show for our collective sacrifices. Makes one wonder who's spending money and where is it really going...
Bob Rogers November 23, 2011 at 01:13 AM
Is it possible to raise $15M? - there's a $7-8M US Swimming design for an indoor two pool design for a lap pool to teach "how to swim / water safety to our community and a therapy pool to rent out to professional therapists for low impact exercise/health benefits for the obese, diabetics and countless people in true need. It can go anywhere: Terre Haute, Meckauer, next to the high school on in the basement of the Sycamore, I would be happy. Great letter Mr. Darrah.................
BOB CRNIC November 23, 2011 at 01:35 AM
I've lived here 23 years but I've also seen more than the usual amount of half baked decisions that have come back to bite us years later. The underfunding of the high school and library renovations and the Stony Hill sewer project are just a few of the lowlights. The current administration's obsession with borrowing money to pay for operating expenses like road paving is another example of fiscally reckless decision making. Borrowing money to pay for an asset improvement that will last less than the loan payback period is bad business. Ironically, we have the power locally to stop this reckless borrowing trend yet, the taxpayers seem to be oblivious to the long term negative effects. Since we're the poorest small town in Fairfield Countyt, we are least able to absorb the increased per capita taxes...Think taxes per sq. ft. and then you'll understand the full meaning of what I'm alluding to. And don't forget that we have over 1,000 rental units in town that also create a negative revenue drag. Rentals by their nature, attract lower income demographics who want the same services but require those homeowners with larger 3,000+ sq ft homes to pay more than their fair share to fund the deficit. Unfair but ironically, The very homeowners with larger homes who want higher taxes pay an inordinate share to support the underticket. Class warfare? No, just a stark reality that few ever accept as fact.
Bill Hillman November 23, 2011 at 03:34 AM
Rockwell+Johnson $30 to 45 million to really fix right (45 to 60+ less state reimbursements). Police station, maybe 12 million. We are one year of a 4 year road plan and 1/5th done (the remainder is another 4 years). That's 7 or 8 million more, and while the highway dept is busy with that, what else gets done? By the time all of that's finished, the Middle School will be 30 years old. Where is the Town's long term capital plan? Why would anyone consider siphoning off funds for anything not dedicated to the above? How can anyone consider a pool... raise a few million PLEASE to offset the above, instead of "donating a pool" for the town to maintain! Mr. Lerman, just my observation we are in economic triage. People can donate to MOW and other NGO's on their own if they choose I did .. unless of course you eliminate social services from the town budget and let an NGO run it for us. Net zero, I'd be fine with that. We would save on headcount and pension liabilities (another item needing millions). So we need some 60 million of capital, ... almost twice what it took to build the High School, operating expenses will continue to grow, the rest of the Stony Hill Sewers seems destined for another dip into the bonding well... and at the end of all those phases, the rest of us paying off the assessments, we just may get reassessed, and pay more. Those newly elected to the BOF need to get educated fast! We the people simply don't have the money for all this!
BOB CRNIC November 23, 2011 at 02:57 PM
Peter, your argument just defined why you're so wrong. To base one's decisions on political considerations is what's wrong with most of our elected officials. The proper thing to do is not expend public funds for non-public expenditures of any kind. It may be politically unpopular but when decisions are based on political consequences they are always NOT in the best interests of the taxpayer/voter. . It's so bad in Bethel now that the Board of Selectman recently voted to allow St. Mary's Church to run their annual carnival on the Municipal Center's Lawn. Mr. Straitton, to his credit opposed that vote for all the right reasons. There will taxpayer paid resources being used to ensure public safety at that carnival and that's wrong. Not all the taxpayers in Bethel are Catholic, there's quite a few Protestants, Jews, Muslims and Agnostics. Does the town now avail its' front lawn to all those other denominations as well? And what right does Bethel have to use my tax dollars to facilitate any religous or non-profit activity including the Scotty Fund.? I'm sorry if I'm offending a few readers with my frank comments, but these are constitutional principles that are being abused. People in Bethel are too afraid to face this issue because it involves their friends or their congregation but it's time we honor our constitution by obeying it and it's implied intent.
Paul Improta November 23, 2011 at 04:00 PM
There is nothing "unconsitutional" about the town renting the lawn to St. Mary's for a carnival. As long as they follow the proper permitting and insurance requirements, it is public space and available to them or any other religious organization. Quite to the contrary, for the town to deny the use to St. Mary's but having allowed the Scotty Fund all these years can get them into constitutional hot water and subject to a discrimination lawsuit. (See "Lamb"s Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School District". Supreme Court decision.)
Paul Improta November 23, 2011 at 04:19 PM
Pay attention to what I said. During our door-to-door campaigning we heard mostly about the unpaved roads, and the BOF standing in the way of funding. FACTS: 1.) Whether we funded $2 million or $12 million, the capacity to pave is limited to a certain number of road miles. Having more money in escrow only means that we need to pay interest on bonds while the money sits idle. 2.) Knickerbocker didn't get started and is way behind on the road paving schedule with the $2 million the BOF approved to bond. Yes, we ALL want the roads paved. They will be, but only as quickly as they can be. They became a subject of politiics based on Knickerbocker's over-reaching for political expediency, and the three BOF members who were rejected - all seasoned financial professionals - schooled him on the facts, but I suppose the logic didn't trickle down to the public. So, Rich, what is your speculation on why the Roden, Deitter and Slifkin lost?
BOB CRNIC November 23, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Paul, You have a twisted knack of twisting things to fit your rationale. I NEVER said it was illegal to rent town owned space to private entities. We all know that's being done all the time. I specifically talked about using the town's taxpayer funded resources to ensure public safety, traffic control and health code compliance. Who's paying the for those taxpayer funded services?? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you incapable of having clear debate without infusing all that noise? BTW: when are you resigning from the BRTC? As long as you're on the town committee the republican party is finished. There will be no healing until you're gown. The mere fact that you threw your BOF camdidates under the bus proves how toxic you are to the party's future.
Bill Hillman November 23, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Mr. Lerman, Even if the "top shelf" option is shelved, what's needed is still millions, which added to all the other capital needs adds to a lot of money! As far as the Police station goes, it's a shame they can't use the emergency contact list fo send an email blast to share about the fact the current police station is way outdated, is sinking into the swamp and may be borderline OSHA violating... not sure on which side of the border. The "WE" you refer to, as parents, I presume means those with kids in the Bethel Schools, about 3000 households give or take out of 8000+. It's time for a big picture 10-year capital plan... something real and not lip service! The school system, in fact, has been building capital plans, but that needs to be coordinated with the Town. There needs to be public hearings on same, and only then do we start building a priority consensus of parents, singles, empty-nesters, seniors... in other words the whole Town, and not just that limited constituency with whom you've self-identified; "We are parents and we learn how to pick our battles". Cut me a break! I'm a parent too (so is Mr. Crnic), and you do not speak for me. Jeez, am I actually agreeing with some of what Mr. Crnic is saying? yikes!
Rich November 23, 2011 at 04:55 PM
Here is exactly what you said (FACT): "What it comes down to is the "I, me my" factor: "Pave my freaking road already, and I don't give a hoot about my neighbor getting his paved or adding to the future debt". We are studying the voter turn-out, and aside from Knickerbocker benefitting from the robo-licious free campaign benefit of the emergency equipment, if the unaffiliated voters had a heavier turnout it is always to vote against something that to vote for it. They voted against fiscal conservatism and for immediate gratification." I paid attention to what you said. You can twist any way you want. You outright blamed the "unaffiliated voter" for being greedy and self centered in your tantrum as to why you lost. I have no idea why your Republicans lost the seats as I am not a professional politician and I have no party affiliation. I am just one affiliated voter who has taken issue with your blame and spin game. Here is a questions for you; why have the Bethel roads fallen into such dis-repair over the years?
Rich November 23, 2011 at 05:00 PM
@ Paul: your words: "Yes, we ALL want the roads paved. They will be, but only as quickly as they can be. They became a subject of politiics based on Knickerbocker's over-reaching for political expediency, and the three BOF members who were rejected - all seasoned financial professionals - schooled him on the facts, but I suppose the logic didn't trickle down to the public." Or perhaps they became the subject of politics because the voters drive on these roads every single day! Your "door to door" statement supports this and then you somehow twist it to blame the "issue" on Knickerbocker? Perhaps the road issue "trickled down" to the voters everytime they hit a pothole.
Rich November 23, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Honestly Paul, from reading you words I think you give too much credit to Mr. Knickerbocker and the democrats for "brainwashing" or "tricking" the voters and too little credit to the voters for making decisions based on their own observations of our towns operations and leadership.
Paul Improta November 23, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Greedy? no. Fed up? Yes. The voter was at the end of their rope with the roads situation, and our BOF candidates were the recipients of the wrath. FACT: Unaffiliated voters typically are less likely to turn out than direct-party affiliated voters. They are usually less informed, and typically more vote when they have a beef, and it is usually to vote against something than to vote for something. Logically, if there is a higher than usual unaffiliated voter turn-out, it is usually due to something they are registering their complaint about. If the Republican BOF candidates - all three of them lost their seats, but Republicans maintained their seats on the BOS and the BOE, then the loss can be attributed unaffiliated voter voting against the BOF members. Why have the roads been neglected? Because, prior to the splitting of the budget into separate town and school budgets, when the entire budget went down, one of the easiest place to take money from was the roads account, and the "can" got kicked down the road. What has been happening for the past two years? You'll have to ask Knickerbocker. I attributed the outcome of the vote against BOF candidates to unaffiliated voters, and quite frankly, they lost to a few Republicans who think the town should be in the charitable giving business, I didn't "blame" the unaffiliated, and I explained what compelled the vote against the BOF candidates. Don't mix emotion with fact. It is what it is. gos?
Paul Improta November 23, 2011 at 05:34 PM
Bob, you have knack for wandering far afield when you know you have just had it stuffed up your behind. You specifically stated that "not all Bethel Residents are Catholics..." You mentioned the constitutionality of their use, and I gave a specific Supreme Court Case that flies in the face of your argument. As far as traffic control, and other services - those are usually contractual. Health code compliance? That is their job! Should they get paid to do nothing? I never threw anyone under any bus. The BOF candidates lost. They lost because people voted against them. That is what I said. You of all people should know the NewsTimes "misreports" Republican statements to the press.
Bill Hillman November 23, 2011 at 05:39 PM
@Rich, The Town highway department can only handle about 1.5 to 1.7 million worth of road work in any given year, and while they are doing that, the rest of the roads go unattended. Borrowing for that max capacity is a setup for never ending bonding. The reality of this requires catch-up. That means, hire outside contractors to do the 31, AND provide the highway department with 1.3 to 1.8 million in the operating budget. Unless the town is willing to do that, the roads will never get "fixed" or be well-maintained. Bonding about 6 to 7 million and having the right highway budget needs to be offset by cut's elsewhere, as the Town will not accept a 6% to 10% increase in taxes! All this must be within the context of a capital plan. That's the reality, as I see it!
Rich November 23, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Paul, you run from your own words as evidenced above. You continue to blame others for your loss, keep in mind I supported Mr. Craybas, Mr. Legnard, and other Republicans in the recent election. I take strong issue with you, the leader and voice of the Bethel Republicans stating facts such as: "FACT: Unaffiliated voters typically are less likely to turn out than direct-party affiliated voters. They are usually less informed" Your words Paul. I am proud to be an unaffiliated voter. I am not "less-informed" nor do I believe other unaffiliated voters in this town are "less-informed" as you state. "Usually less informed"? Really? By whose standards? Where is the source of these statistics? Perhaps we "unaffiliated" voters are a lot more "informed" and that is what scares you? Twenty years of no work on my road, 6-8 visits a year from town crews with tar patch, 12 inch chunks of asphalt and curb routinely kicked onto my lawn. We are not on the priority list or any list. No less than 12 of the last fifteen years Republicans hold the top spot in Bethel and not a peep about the roads. Knickerbocker runs and spotlights the issue and you blame him for politicizing it, the unaffilated voters for being "less informed", greedy and self centered and emotional? And now on top of that it was the "pre-split budget/education budget " that caused the roads to be neglected? I'm not impressed.
Lauren Williams November 23, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Hello all - Again, we appreciate and encourage discussion on the site, but the comments on this story have steered too far off from what this article is originally about. We will be closing comments on this story at this time.


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