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Where would we be without our commenters? You help get the conversation going by sharing your opinions; your comments inspire, inform and make us laugh. (Note: We are preserving the integrity of each quote by leaving them as written, typos and all).

"The 'stores have to be open longer to compete' argument is total bunkum. Grocers who close at 9 are still in business despite the existence of 24 hour stores. If you are relying on nearly 400 year old laws to keep your business afloat, you should probably seek a new career," said CarlW on our .

"Comparing a grocery store to a liquor store is comparing apples to oranges anyway. One is market specific, heavily regulated and carries one sole product. The other is not. The average grocer around here is a Corporation, backed by millions of dollars. A few customers going to a 24 hour convenience store doesn't hurt them as much as it would the average independent liquor store," said Christine E., .

"Some other CT Blue Laws you may want reenacted: No one shall run on the Sabbath day, or walk in his garden or elsewhere, except reverently to and from meeting. No one shall travel, cook victuals, make beds, sweep house, cut hair, or shave, on the Sabbath day. No woman shall kiss her child on the Sabbath or fasting day," said Sully, .

"Could it just be the weather, all top 10 states are cold," said Joe H., on a story about . (Joe's comments sparked a lively discussion about weather among other commenters).

"Mel, We will all miss you terribly. Thank you for all your tenacity and helping the public focus on the scourge of multiple myeloma," said Steven DeVaux, .

"Right now in this economy we do not need a full day kindergarten. We should concentrate on things that we really need. People are not going to be for a 5% increase with the way the economy is," said Karen Visca, .


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