Help Send Local Woman on Volunteerism Trip to Haiti

She couldn't predict how her first trip to Haiti would change her life. Now she has the opportunity to go back and help again.

Bethel resident Jessica Fiscella is collecting donations toward a volunteerism trip to Haiti. Credit: GoFundMe
Bethel resident Jessica Fiscella is collecting donations toward a volunteerism trip to Haiti. Credit: GoFundMe
Last year, Bethel resident Jessica Fiscella traveled to Desab, a small village in Haiti. Desab has a bakery, a volunteer dorm, a clinic and a school, according to an article on Examiner.

Fiscella is raising funds via GoFundMe, so she can go back to Desab.

"This March I was given a second chance to go back to Haiti and build stronger relationships with the people from this village and help them in many ways, which are much needed," she wrote on the GoFundMe page.

As of Jan. 20, Fiscella raised $800 out of a $1,500 goal. To donate, visit the Haiti Plunge GoFundMe page.
Ann January 21, 2014 at 06:48 AM
What are the many ways she's planning on helping them and what did she do last time she was there?
Jessica Fiscella January 21, 2014 at 04:06 PM
Ann, Last spring a group of us students from Sacred Heart University went to the village of Desab in Haiti to help with the education in the primary school there. We helped educate the teachers with different techniques to show their students in order to help the learn English and math. We provided them with white boards so each student was able to write down words and equations themselves to help them learn that way. The education system in Desab was very different than here. You see twenty year old students in third grade very determined to get an education that many people in the United States take for granted. It is very expensive to go to school for them so they are very excited and determined to learn everything they can while there. We also helped with repairing pot holes in the roads that have never been fixed from the earthquake and theses weren't normal potholes, some were very deep and wide which was very dangerous to travel around. We also helped with watering their main crops in order for their main food source to grow, along with providing them lunch each day. This spring we will also be helping repair more roads and our main project will be to hopefully start the process of building a secondary school within the village. This is a very important project because as of right now the closest secondary school is about a six mile hike down the mountain into the city of Cabaret. Secondary school is a lot more expensive then primary school, therefore having it be that far away makes it much harder for the students because they have to find a place to stay in the city during the week which costs even more money. If they can't find a place to stay they are then forced to have to walk six miles back and fourth, up and down the mountain each day to attend school. hank you for your questions! Jessica


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