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Watch The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 5 Online FREE now! This episode will be more and more challenging with more twists and turns! Abandoning the packed roads of Indonesia, The Surprising Race started its fourth leg the previous night with eight groups remaining. The afterward goal was Bangladesh, a nation with one of the most elevated inhabitant total densities in the planet, settled between Myanmar (Burma) and India. The contenders were set for the capital city Dahka, where they could face a progression of physical tests that pushed them to their cutoff points. 

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Dating divorcees Abbie and Ryan were anticipating taking the lead having finalized first in the final leg. Full of force and available to hit the way, they got a upsetting shock when they arrived late in the night at the voyage office, and revealed the afterward flight to Bangladesh was not until the taking after morning. That connoted that everything crews could be on the same plane. So far for the riches of triumph. 

Resulting from the fact that there are more than 15,000 transports on Dahka's ways, the first test needed the crews to make their direction to a transport repair shop. Their undertakings were to blend putty, apply it to imprints on transports, sand it, and convey transport seats from the broken down transports to the recently repaired transports. The Snappy Send choice was more stomach turning – assist an exterminator by gathering his clients' dead rats. 

Rockers Abba and James settled on the Snappy Advance. With a company of nearby little people running afterward, and furnished just with a couple of gloves, they took their burlap sack to gather the vermin. This appeared a simple enough job until there was a crude sewage episode. 
Once more at the transport shop, Abbie and Ryan arrived initially, accompanied by twins Natalie and Nadiya, then Chippendales lovers of the dance floor Jaymes and James. Beast truck drivers Victimize and Kelley had their first transportation disaster when their taxi assumed a beautiful tour of a monstrous landfill, finish with puppies wandering around the loads of refuse. This dropped them into fourth put. 

The crews raced to apply the putty in a slim, even layer, before they were permitted to sand. Nadiya drove every warm body nuts by ceaselessly screeching expressions of support to her sister, who did not pass the first assessment. Substitute instructors Gary and Will arrived final following a wayward taxi ride, and battled on the grounds that Gary's putty layer was too thick. 

Abbie and Ryan completed initially, while dating couple Trey and Lexi carried up the back in addition to Gary and Will. By the close of the test, Gary and Will had lost steam, and Trey and Lexi appeared puzzled by the whole interaction. When Trey's and Lexi's taxi broke down as they left the shop, they stood in the city staring at it while Lexi cried, “What would we be able to do?” Get in a different taxi – that is what you can do. 

The crews were then on to the Street Square, placed at the Kawran Bazar Shootkir business sector. The groups had to burrow through sacks of dried look for an orange shaded fish which unlocked the Alternate route. The Alternate route gave the crews several choices. The main included pounding warmed metal bars to make a sharp tip. The second included demolishing cotton to a fine consistency, stuffing it into a sleeping pad, and sewing it close. 

For some unknown explanation, Ryan was influenced that Abbie's one year of style establishment educating could make her an ace at assembling a sleeping cushion, so they picked the cotton. Jaymes and James, goat harvesters Josh and Brent, and Gary and Will united them. Natalie and Nadiya, Burglarize and Kelley, and Trey and Lexi picked the metal challenge. The highlight of this Alternate route was Brent touting Josh's sewing expertise on account of Josh long ago would sew his drag monarch ensembles. Josh then uncovered his drag ruler name was Aquadisiac. 

Following the Makeshift route, the groups went by riverboat to Swarighat, and after that had to make it to Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat, where accommodate Phil Keoghan was holding up. Abba and James breezed in and won a trek to Antigua graciousness of Travelocity. Nunnery and Ryan wound up on the same pontoon as Natalie and Nadiya. The crews raced to the completion line, with Monastery and Ryan arriving an insignificant instant previous. 

Several groups endured the hard lesson that you need to accompany guidelines to the letter in this rivalry. Victimize and Kelley arrived fourth, but were dismissed their pontoon had driven them up to the pit stop rather than to Swarighat. This advanced to one of the easy instants of the scene where Ransack shrieked at the vessel driver that it was his deficiency and that he had cost Burglarize a million dollars. It's unrealistic this is the final terrible upheaval we’ll see from Victimize this time of year. 

At the closure, the rankings stand as: Abba and James (first), Abbie and Ryan (second), Natalie and Nadiya (third), Josh and Brent (fourth), Burglarize and Kelley (fifth), Jaymes and James (sixth), Trey and Lexi (seventh). Self-announced Surprising Race super fans Will and Gary touched base in eighth put and were wiped out. 


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