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Supernatural returned for its eighth season last night with new showrunner Jeremy Carver as the story of Dean and Sam Winchester continues. With the virtually flawless first five seasons, the last two have had their fair share of ups and downs with no clear goal. When we last left off, Dean and Castiel were trapped in Purgatory while Sam was left alone as Crowley retook the reigns of main baddie. So where do they find themselves now? Ironically, a place they could have been at the beginning of last season.

It’s a year later. Dean escapes from Purgatory, with help from a dead vampire, in exchange for helping the expired monster come back to Earth. Dean soon finds Sam, who for once apparently kept the promise the brothers continually make to one another, stopped hunting, didn’t try to get Dean back and instead attempted to make a life for himself. Dean is hurt and insulted by this.

Supernatural S08E01: Full episode online

Personally, we’re happy that Sam took a little time off, since Kevin Tran’s time spent alone has done him wonders – the once-irritating bookworm stereotype has been transformed into something of a bad-ass, tricking Crowley and pulling off his own escape from the King of Hell’s clutches. Even Dean is impressed.

After finding out that Kevin is hiding out in a church in Fairfield, Iowa, Sam and Dean make their way to see their pal. When they get there, they find out that over the course of a year, not only have they changed, but Kevin has too. He’s now able to fend for himself as he’s been reading tablets that teach him how to ward off demons. The biggest piece of news that Kevin delivers to the Winchester brothers is that the tablet he has contains information on how to clip the gates of hell forever.

Sam did some digging and found out Kevin is in Iowa. They go to an abandoned church where someone said they saw Kevin hiding out. Dean wants to take Kevin to the tablet and have him close the hellgate, but Sam isn’t sure because he doesn’t think Kevin will make it through the process alive.

Kevin says he’ll help them close the hellgate when all of a sudden the church starts to shake. Two demons show up, and Sam and Dean quickly kill them. Crowly shows up with Kevin’s girlfriend and says that if Kevin shows him where the tablet is than he’ll let his girlfriend go.

Time after time after time we see this scenario where one brother is actually alive and time after time after time, the reaction and the ensuing drama feels disconnected and a bit forced. I guess the brothers are so used to it by now seeing as how there is always a lukewarm reception. The whole bickering about not looking for Dean and Sam moving on was plain annoying. I’m not sure if I was annoyed by the concept or by the writing. Either way, it wasn’t handled with the utmost care.

Overall, this season opener is a step in the right direction for Supernatural – all of the pieces haven’t quite fallen into place yet, but ‘Kevin’ is a strong enough premiere that we’re willing – if you’ll excuse the pun – to take another leap of faith.

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” felt like a return to form for Supernatural. The writing was sharp and the focus was right where it needed to be – on the brothers. Carver promised a cleaner mythology and a tighter narrative focus in Season 8, and after the lackluster sixth and seventh seasons, fans should welcome this renewed clarity with open arms. Would the writers actually close the gates of Hell and banish a delicious foe like Crowley to the pit permanently? I can’t wait to find out.



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