South Park – Going Native Online S16E11

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South Park – Going Native Season 16 Episode 11

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Often times South Park tries so hard to be topical and “parody” things all the time, that you begin to expect parodies even when there is none. And sometimes, when they are sending something up – it can get quite obscure and then you feel like a complete idiot for not even getting the point of the episode.

Would they basically structure a whole unrelated plot around maybe a few snide references to him and the movie Argo, then at the end have a joke at his expense be the solution to the protagonist’s problems? South Park would, and that’s what “Going Native” accomplished.

The big problem with this Hawaii plot wasn’t so much the setting, but the fact that it solely relied on one in-joke. While I’m sure there are plenty of obnoxious Hawaiian “natives” like the ones depicted in this week’s episode, the premise just wasn’t broad enough to sell to an entire audience. Admittedly, yes, the sight of obvious tourists posing as indigenous Hawaiians is definitely funny, but only for the first few minutes. Following Butters’ destruction of the cruise ship — which was easily the highlight of the episode — it was pretty much downhill from there, as the natives continued harping on the same Mahalo Rewards card bit.


His parents then tell him that to get rid of his anger he must travel to his homeland of Hawaii and undergo a coming of age ceremony. Naturally, the natives on Hawaii are tourists who have racked up so many reward points that they just live there. It is a funny little joke that is probably pretty true.


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