District 5 Election Audit Finds Insignificant Discrepancy

Audit found one more vote for First Selectman the machines missed.

Bethel’s registrars and poll moderators conducted an audit of election results from District 5 (Berry Elementary School) on Monday afternoon and discovered only a minor discrepancy of one vote on one line.

District 5 was chosen randomly along with 10 percent of voting districts statewide as part of the annual election audit done by the Secretary of the State’s Office.

The audit reviewed 205 ballots from District 5 and discovered one more vote for Matthew Knickerbocker on the Democratic line than was counted by the machine. The discrepancy was minor and not uncommon, according to the observer from the state.

The auditors rechecked all 205 ballots three more times to be sure before certifying the results and sending them off to the state.

The entire process took just under an hour.


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