Sandy Hook Kids at Super Bowl: The World Watches

The Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus performed alongside Jennifer Hudson at the Super Bowl as part of Sunday's pregame.


With the world tuned in, Sandy Hook Elementary Schools students took center stage. 

The children of Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus sang "America the Beautiful," taking the lead on the first verse and sharing duties on the rest of the song with Jennifer Hudson, the Academy Award-winning star of Dreamgirls and "American Idol" finalist.

26 students sang at the Super Bowl -- a number chosen to reflect the 26 lives lost in the shootings, according to officials.

The performance came in a prime position at the pre-game show, just before Alicia Keys's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner." And across the country and at home, thousands shared their reactions.

"I'm so moved," said one commenter on Newtown Patch's Facebook page. "To hear the angelic voices of these innocent children sing such a beautiful song is enough to make me bawl."

"We all looked at each other in the room with tears in our eyes," said another.


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