Representatives Host Town Meeting in Bethel

A release from the House Republican Office.

Last night State Representative Dan Carter (R-2), along with State Senators Michael McLachlan (R-24) and Toni Boucher (R-26), hosted a productive town hall meeting in Bethel where they spoke about proposed legislation and answered questions from dozens of attendees.

Many residents focused their questions on topics related to the bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety. The legislators discussed potential changes to responsible control legislation, mental health services, school security and other issues concerning the Sandy Hook shooting.

“Taking the pulse of our community on legislation and decisions affecting public safety is especially important at this time, and I thank those who participated,” said Rep. Carter. “I understand that some of these serious issues we’re facing elicit strong emotions, and I am committed to crafting responsible and meaningful legislation.”

Rep. Carter added “I encourage anyone who could not attend but would like to discuss a state issue to contact me any time.”

Rep. Carter can be reached by contacting 800-842-1423 or Dan.Carter@housegop.ct.gov


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