CT Rep Wants To Publish Gun Permit Holder's Info

Because privacy is not for you pro-gun peasants...

Rep. Stephen Dargan, a Democrat (imagine that!), wants to take information that has been private for years, and now make it public so he can earn a political point.  Nothing good can come from this, CT.  This has bad idea written all over it.

You need to remember that a person in CT does not legally need to register shotguns.  Shotguns are the preferred method of home protection among those who know. 

What will happen the first time an innocent criminal get his butt shot when he tries to burglarize a house that is not on this proposed list of gun permit-holding residences, because the home owner has a shotgun?  There will probably be a lawsuit.  It would be an obvious case of false advertising.  We need to protect our criminals and this proposed bill would only endanger them. *Yes, that is sarcasm, by the way*

From Jon Lender over at The Hartford Courant:

The names and addresses of about 170,000 handgun permit holders in Connecticut, now kept confidential by law, could be made public under a proposed bill that pits gun owners against would-be reformers in the aftermath of the Dec. 14 Newtown school massacre.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Stephen D. Dargan, D-West Haven, co-chairman of the legislature's public safety committee, would make public the names and addresses of permit holders under Connecticut's Freedom of Information Act — and would reverse lawmakers' decision to protect that personal information from disclosure nearly two decades ago.

And this:

In both states, the central question is whether the public interest in knowing how many guns are spread through communities is outweighed by the privacy rights of people exercising their constitutional right to own guns.

"Most things are FOI-able now," Dargan said in an interview Thursday. "Go to the local city clerk's office and you can find out where Steve Dargan owns property," as well as what cars a person owns and perhaps some of his debts. "I don't know why a responsible gun owner is worried about whether a permit for a revolver is FOI-able or not."

Dargan said that in the "computer age," and in an open society, it is reasonable for people to want access to gun ownership information. "Maybe their kids are going over to Johnny Smith's, and maybe they want to see whether they have guns in the house."

But gun owners and their advocates see it differently, saying that criminals would prosper by knowing which homes they could burglarize to steal firearms and which homes might not be defended by gun owners.

If this passes, be ready for backlash.  By publishing this information, because your emotional response is to cry wolf against legal gun holders, you are endagering more people than just those that will be outed.  Remember, this information as of this writing, is private.  And it is private for a reson.  You wish to throw back this curtain for the sake of the public interest?  You are courting trouble.

You anti-gunners think you are doing that which will guarantee the safety of the whole by vilifying the few, and you could not be more wrong.



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Crusader Rabbit January 08, 2013 at 05:55 PM
This is a bad idea. I don't think the issue with gun violence is with the overwhelming majority of legal permit holders and as we saw with the NY episode, a large percentage of permit holders are ex-law enforcement.
JWolf January 08, 2013 at 05:58 PM
If this proposal goes through then I believe that people with HIV,Herpies, People on psychotic meds, Drug arrests and DWI arrests, should also be publically published. Oh wait thats right it is ILLEGAL. HIV, herpies and psychotic patients have protection under the law but yet are not these people more dangeous than Law abiding citizens who get a permit to have the guns? Yet its the same people who would scream you cant publish their names and adresses that is an invasion of privacy that are screaming that you have to publish the names of those who have guns. Very much like the Right to Lifers that are Pro Death Penalty or those who say love your neighbor as God said but kill all the gays. as Tommy Lee Jones said in Men in Black....People are dumb panicy animals and we see it daily.
JWolf January 08, 2013 at 05:59 PM
Dont forget Ex-Military as well
JWolf January 08, 2013 at 11:23 PM
I totally agree with that one as well DB. Biggest kicker Diane Fienstiene who wants to ban everyone but police and military from having any guns. Is a licensed gun owner and carries as are quite a few anti gun congress men and women. Joe Biden carries a Baretta 9mm at al times and he claims anti gun while he has one holstered under his arm. Then you have the Hollywood idiots saying guns and gun owners are evil yet most of them got rich playing characters with guns...Matt Damon is a big one. Also did you notice what millionaires are exempt with the new taxes...entainers


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