Charlie Brown: Religious fanatic and Christian terrorist!

Irrefutable proof that Charlie Brown is pushing a hateful, intolerant, bigoted, and evil agenda of Christian terrorism and brainwashing!

Charlie Brown is a religious fanatic, bent on brainwashing and/or oppressing your children into believing that Jesus Christ is real and is what Christmas is all about. Someone alert the ACLU, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, and other secular/humanist groups.  We have a definite criminal on our hands.

Here’s the irrefutable evidence and proof that Charlie Brown, (actually, his friend Linus Van Pelt), is openly preaching the message of hateful intolerance and religious bigotry.  Brace yourselves.  It’s brutal and contains adult language.

See YouTube video I included that shows it all!

Did you watch it?

Wow, right?  All these years I thought that Charlie Brown and his Christmas Special was just about, you know, Santa and gifts and some really fun dancing music.  But all this time it has been about Charlie Brown attacking my freedom from religion!

Thankfully, there are others who have the strength to challenge such a blatant attack on The Constitution.  I mean, okay, there really is not any reference to keeping separate church and state in The Constitution, per se, but there should be!  Please to enjoy.

An atheist group is accused of waging war against Christmas by attacking an Arkansas elementary school for a field trip to see “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at a local church. The group is arguing that the trip ‘violates religious freedom’ and ‘entirely’ oversteps the line between church and state.

Students at Little Rock’s Terry Elementary School were invited to attend a Dec. 14 staged performance of the holiday classic at Agape Church. Teachers sent letters home to parents informing them of the trip, and allowed students to opt out of the performance:

“This production will expose your child to the amazing world of theater productions and enhance your child’s creative imagination in the area of dramatic arts…”This production does expose your child to Christianity through some of the songs and scenes. (If you prefer your child to not attend the program they may stay at school and be allowed to sit in another classroom. Please let your teacher know if your child will not be attending).”

While district officials tell Fox News that they don’t see any controversy since trip attendance is voluntary, one displeased mother took the issue to the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, saying that she is reluctantly allowing her child to attend the performance for fear of being ridiculed or bullied otherwise. The group is self-described as existing to “promote the secular, non-theistic, humanist viewpoint as a valid contribution to public discourse.”

Whew!  Thank Goddess these people are bringing into the light of all truth the fact that those damn Christians and their agenda are not going to get away with it!  Our children are our future.  And while they are being saddles with more debt than every generation that preceded them has ever had, at least they will be free from the burden of religious indoctrination for the Judeo-Christian God of racism, misogyny, intolerance, and basic hate.  That was a close call!  Now if we can just get President Obama (May His Name be praised) to eliminate that damnable ‘Christmas Tree’ event at His White House, and put up a Gaia Tree instead.  Artificial, of course, since our tree brothers and sisters should not have to face the senseless slaughter of harvest for a celebration of a fake and fraudulent “god” known as Jesus.  Fah.

Charlie Brown has been exposed as the religious fanatic he is.  Now let us bring forth our New America devoid of such bigotry and hate.  Down with Charlie Brown.

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