Crowds Came Out For the Shop Local Expo: Gallery

Sunday's event was a great success.

With 40 vendors and lots of great food samples, The Shop Local Expo drew a large ongoing crowd through most of Sunday afternoon. Vendors were thrilled, especially after the disappointing turn-out with Bethel Blooms a few weeks ago.

John Bach, branch manager of the Danbury Savings Bank, said, "The crowds today have been unbelievable!"  

If you didn’t have a chance to stop by it, have a look at the photos.  Vendors from banks, mortgage companies (one that promised to help you pay off your mortgage in half the time), foods, energy work, even the Health Department was handing out Emergency Preparedness kits, which you could pick up at the Bethel Health Department at the Municipal Center.

 The only thing you'll really be missing is the tang of the Billy’s barbecue, the sauce of the Salz pizza, scones from Daily Fare, and sweets from a few of the vendors.  Take heart though, they would all be happy for you to contact them or stop by.  

Even if you didn’t make it to the event, you can still stop by the Bethel Chamber of Commerce and pick up your Shop Local Rewards card.  Each time you visit one of the local participating businesses, you'll receive a mark on your card.  Once you reach a dozen marks, stop by any of the vendors and receive a free gift or discount.  

Bobbi Jo Beers, director of the Bethel Chamber of Commerce said that the rewards program is good for shoppers, and shopping local is good for Bethel. "By shopping at local shops rather than big box stores, more money stays in Bethel."

Beers said that shopping local keeps new jobs in town, and cuts down fuel consumption from shipping and driving. "It also helps preserve our community and historic town," she said. 

charleszberrios May 01, 2012 at 09:11 AM
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