Do You Want To Quit Smoking This Year? [Poll]

One of the most popular resolutions that people have a tough time sticking to is quitting smoking.

Most people have resolutions they never seem to keep. For some, it is smoking.  Many people want to make changes, but due to the addiction to tobacco, they find it extremely difficult. It's more than just a physical addiction, it's an emotional and mental one as well, as reported by the National Cancer Institute.

Tobacco use is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society

On a positive note, the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) finds kicking the tobacco habit offers some benefits that you’ll notice right away and some that will develop over time. These rewards improve most peoples’ day-to-day lives a great deal:

•Breath smells better.
•Stained teeth get whiter.
•Bad smelling clothes and hair go away.
•Yellow fingers and fingernails disappear.
•Food tastes better.
•Sense of smell returns to normal.
•Everyday activities (such as climbing stairs or light housework)no longer leave them out of breath.

Because cigarette smoking and tobacco use are acquired behaviors — activities that people choose to do — smoking is the most preventable cause of death in our society, as reported by the American Cancer Society.

That leads us to the question:


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