Feng Shui in Furniture Placement Brings Good Luck

This quick read might turn you on to some new alternative ways to redecorate your home for a better you!

Here’s a summary of an interesting article I read about Feng Shui, something many of us have heard of but know little about. This quick read might turn you on to some new alternative ways to redecorate your home for a better you all around. I hope you enjoy it!

A house cannot be considered a home when the people residing in it do not feel comfortable and do not enjoy peace and harmony with the other people or with their environment. Good luck also comes along with the proper furniture arrangement in the house.

There is a system or a geomancy, if you may like to call it, which dates back to ancient China 3,000 years ago that can be applied to furniture arrangement to make it in harmony with the environment.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung sh-way), according to its practitioners, also gives good health and good luck to people by balancing the energies that surrounds their dwelling. This practice, which is a combination of science, intuition and spirituality, is now being slowly adapted in the modern western culture.

The philosophy behind Feng Shui is that there is in nature an ever-flowing energy called Chi’. This energy can be good or bad, or a mixture of both, which affects our lives directly or indirectly. In order to utilize the good energy and deflect the bad in the house, it is important to take into account the furniture arrangement. The Chinese believes that with the proper placement of furniture in every room in the house it would attract good luck.

Whether you call it pop culture or whacky here are some tips on how to exercise Feng Shui on your furniture arrangement:

Living Room

Feng Shui furniture arrangement in the living room:

The first thing to avoid in a living room or for any room is untidiness. Too many things disorderly mixed up in a space distract energy flow, is not conducive for living and blocks good luck. It is essential to control the flow of chi (energy) because too fast or too slow can cause a sense of being alone or could make a resident of the house sick.

A circular arrangement of furniture in a living room is ideal, without any chair having its back to a door. If this is not possible hang a mirror in the wall facing the chair so that the person sitting can see who is entering the door.

Incorporating Feng Shui in living room furniture does not include putting a sofa directly in front of a door. By doing this you are aiming chi (energy) directly at you, making you uncomfortable.


Bedroom furniture arrangement according to Feng Shui:

To help you have the most pleasant rest and better relation with your partner, Feng Shui maintains the energy of love and healing with the proper placement of your bed.

Arrange your bed in such a way that it is not aligned with the door. This is called the commanding position and is the ideal Feng Shui spot for your bed. In Feng Shui, sharing the head of the bed with the toilet wall is not conducive to good luck.

Placing the head of the bed against the window is a no-no because your health may be affected by cool breeze coming from the outside.


A round table in the patio fosters great community.

When using the patio for outdoor dining, a square table will encourage stability in relationships, whereas a round one will foster great community. A rectangular table in the patio promotes lively discussion.

Furniture arrangement in the patio should also consider the position of the chairs. Arrange the chairs in such a way that an arriving guest is not in the path of a chair with its back turned.

I hope you found this short post on Feng Shui interesting. You can find more on this subject all over the web, on sites like this one.

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