Musician Griffin Anthony Makes Success Look Easy

At 29, Griffin Anthony has already lived a life that would fulfill most people's dreams.


Griffin will be playing at the Farmer's Market in Bethel today.  For a list of upcoming performances see the schedule in the gallery.


Like most famous musicians, Griffin Anthony has many tattoos and the polished aura of a rock star, even wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans.  His gentle demeanor is a bit of a surprise as he describes why he prefers to play farmers markets rather than clubs.

“It’s so different from the Club atmosphere, where they rush you to set up, sound check, everything is based on ticket sales, people are grouchy, burnt out and jaded,” he said over a much needed cup of coffee at O’Neils Sandwich Shop. 

Anthony finds it a pleasure to play at the farmers markets in Westchester and Fairfield County.  “Everyone is so nice, so appreciative of music.  They’re so friendly,” he said with a smile.

At 29 years old (in a few weeks), Anthony may be living just about everyone’s dream. His education was paid for by playing Division 1 baseball, and he makes his living making music.  On top of that, he has already achieved three college degrees in psychology, sociology and business.

In college, he played different sports and started writing music.  “It was a hobby. But a publisher contacted me and asked what I thought about writing for television or film.  I said, What, you mean I could make a career out of this?”  

Having majored in baseball, it is hard to believe his parents would object to a career in music.  “I dropped out of grad school to my parents chagrin.  In Division 1 baseball, you wake up, go to conditioning, take a few classes.  Everyone in Florida is into the farm system,” he said.  “I’d had some injuries and I just didn’t think baseball was going to be it for a career, and then this opportunity for music came up, and my parents were like, what’re you doing?”  

The school paid for Anthony’s surgery, and while recuperating, he attempted graduate school for his Masters in Business, but after six months, he thought, “I just wanted to go into music and get my writing on television. Then the producer handed me the check for music licensed by ABC, and it blew my mind.  I was all starry-eyed!  I can wake up, and make music, and it was great!” 

After signing with a publisher, Anthony thought, “Everything was great.  I found a number of music students that graduated from the Miami School of Music, and we recorded a little more, got published with this band, and then we started to play festivals, Nashville.”

After so much success so early in life, Anthony still maintains his humility. “I am really happy now.  I like not having to promote, just playing a few sets, play the smaller shows, meet cool people.”

While being successful seems to come easy for Anthony, he said the challenge comes from the writing. “It is what keeps me interested.  Writing for reality shows, trying to put a soundscape to whatever they are asking me to do. If they are looking for a reggae sound or want me to put something together that uses the word porcupine in the chorus, it’s like a game. And the publishing frees me up to play the smaller shows.”

Anthony’s music appears in all of the Kardashian shows, and several Housewife shows.  It has also appeared in a variety of shows on the major networks and cable. He is currently promoting his new album, The Canyon, which he will be playing at local venues throughout Fairfield County. 

If Anthony has any advice for aspiring musicians, it is,  “Follow your dreams; however, if it involves public opinion, wait before you publish anything. Hone your craft.” 

With so much success at such a young age, his humility is evident in his approach to life. He said, “I still have so much to learn.  I am still so young.  I am a student of living.” 

To listen to Anthony's music, visit Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/griffinanthony

Website: www.GriffinAnthony.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/GriffinAnthonyOfficialTwitter: www.twitter.com/GriffinAnthony

Brett Masterson August 09, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Griff made Patch! Now he's really famous! Great article for a cool dude.


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