Estate Sale Marks End of a Bethel Artist's Era

The last of Noel Edwards' work -- along with other works from the naturalist's collection -- is being liquidated at his Greenwood Ave. Consignart shop, which will close forever Friday.


It's been a nearly 3-year process, but on Saturday, artist and art collector Noel Edwards will finally leave the building.

Edwards, who died on March 19, 2010, was a science teacher, naturalist and member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Audubon Society. A resident of Redding, he co-owned and operated Consignart, an art and antique shop at 226 Greenwood Ave.

Much of his work focused on nature -- specifically birds.

"Noel Edwards developed an interest and love for birds while going to college," said his artist's statement. Some of his most notable work focused on bald eagles. He would spend hours, according to his artists' statement, searching for wintering eagles, watching them and observing their habits. The Consignart space is full of the fruits of these labors -- see the photos above. 

That statement was written while he was still alive. Since his 2010 death, Consignart has technically been closed since then, and liquidation agent Charles Noe has manned the site. The estate sale runs through Friday. On Saturday, Noe will have select guests over for a private reception, then lock the door and leave Consignart to the ages.

Tony Dale March 02, 2013 at 06:59 PM
This place has been running a "final days" sale for two years! Somebody from that store has been posting constant garage sale notices on Craigslist. Followup notes warn others that they drove 30 miles looking for estate sale deals only to find a store with full retail prices. That's very deceptive and not a nice thing to do to people.
Joan March 03, 2013 at 04:06 AM
Since the Estate was a part of a multi -owned property settlement 2 to 3 years to settle and estate that large is not uncommon . Since I and others have visited this sale over the period it ran . I can attest to the fact nothing was retail price. Most items were below retail and some items they had a right not to give away as it involved issues of probate . The detractors on here seem to me to be either jealous individuals or individuals trying to take advantage over someone whom had past away and when they could not push themselves and get a $100 item for 50 cents they had left upset . The way the sale went everything was explained red dots with inventory control numbers were on all items and prices were on square little tags. I was impressed how the whole sale was set up and how items were sold in segments .The sale had smalls sold first ,furniture sold second and art work sold in 3rd segment and last everything that was left was sold together . Knowing that over 400,000 square feet of buildings had to be inventoried and sold the way it was done and handled was the best possible way to have done it . I know the detractors could not have handled or done the job with all the people it had to take to pull that huge sale together . My humble best wishes to Charles and all who made that sale possible . I will call on him in the future when I need his services. I will tell anyone seek him out he is and honest hard working person .Best wishes to all.
Thank You to everyone for such a positive patch response . Thank You to those who showed up for the last time on saturday March 2nd 2013 for The Closing Party for Noel Edwards and The Consignart Liquidation.
jenny March 06, 2013 at 05:10 PM
Ann, maybe you should take some happy pills!!!
summer March 09, 2013 at 01:30 AM
She needs more than happy pills ;-)


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