The Biggest Losers Are Right Here in Woodbridge

Competitors lose more than 1,400 pounds.

The Biggest Loser reality television show is getting a run for its money in Woodbridge. In just 10 weeks, a group of members at the held a competition and lost a total of ... get ready for it ... 1,439 pounds!

The Blue Team was the winning team of the local Biggest Loser contest with a total loss of 397.2 pounds. That loss was 15.1% of their starting body weight.

The Red Team came in second with a total loss of 365.4 pounds, which accounted for 14.8% of their starting weight.

The Green Team was close behind with a 373-pound loss, which measured 14.1% of their body weight. The Yellow Team finished with a not-too-shabby 276.8 pound loss, or 10.7% of their beginning weight, while the Shadow Team lost 105.2 pounds, or 5% of their weight.

The Largest Losers overall were Andrea Zullo, who lost 46.4 pounds (20.6% of her starting weight), and Carl Butler, who lost 64.8 pounds (21.5%).

Other top losing women include:

  • Sharon Webb, 40.8 lbs and 19.9%
  • Kathy Walker, 41.6 lbs and 19.8% 
  • Zuhal Kilic, 34.4 lbs and 18.4% 

Top losing men include:

  • Owen Stein, 57.6 lbs and 21.1%
  • Marc Goldberg, 46 lbs and 20.2%
  • Jeffrey Weisman, 37.8 lbs and 15.3%


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