Taylor Ave. Crossing Open; Greenwood Needs More Testing

More work to be done on the Greenwood Ave. crossing. Normal weekday train service to resume.

Photo Credit: Paula Antolini
Photo Credit: Paula Antolini
Construction and testing is complete for the signals at the railroad crossing on Taylor Ave. and South Street in Bethel, however there is still more work to be done at the Greenwood Ave. crossing.

"Testing has determined that the active devices — railroad flashing lights and gates — at these two crossings [Taylor and South Street] are operating satisfactorily and therefore normal train movements through these two crossings can resume," the state Department of Transportation (DOT) Rail Division said in a notification Monday.

The “Stop & Warn” procedures are still in effect at the Greenwood while crews try to determine the problems, according to the DOT.

With much of the work completed, Metro-North announced that, starting Monday, regular service will resume for non-rush hour trains Monday through Friday. Metro-North will still be using bus service on the weekends for additional testing along the Danbury line.


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