Bethel Library Wants to Know What You Want

Online survey asking for opinions from library lovers and people who don't know what that white building is in the middle of downtown.

Bethel Public Library is looking for community feedback on their favorite programs and what others they’d like to see offered.

The library is conducting an online survey over the next month and is hoping to get responses from longtime users, infrequent users and even those who have never been before.

“We’ve included a section with questions specifically designed for the non-user,” they explain in the introduction. “We’d like to know what we might do to encourage you to become a library patron!”

Once the results of the survey are compiled, the Library Board of Directors will be conducting focus groups to continue discussing future plans for the library, according to a release. Survey takers will have an opportunity to indicate whether they're interested in participating in one of the groups. 

The survey will be available online until Aug. 16.

Take the survey.


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