Let's Save Energy! - Waste not!

I think you would agree, that energy efficiency comes in many flavors….our heating systems, the lights we use, hot water, our appliances, and many more.  First, we must stop wasting energy that does not provide us with any benefit.  

For example, leaking faucets, especially if they leak hot water, are consuming a lot of energy with no benefit to us -- the water and heat is going down the drain when we are not using it.  We are wasting one of our most precious resources – clean water – and wasting money on the fuel used to heat the water (oil, gas, electric, etc).  

Leaving lights on when we leave the room – electricity continues to be consumed -- and fossil fuels such as oil or coal  are being burned to generate that electricity – with no lighting benefit to anyone.  

Fixing that leaking faucet, or turning off those lights when you leave, which are so simple to do, can have a significant effect on your energy bills, can save you money, and can help save the Earth.    

What are other examples of WASTE??  

 The list is endless, but here are some key areas to focus on:

- Running your heating system when no one is home
- Running your dishwasher or washing machine when it is full not full
- leaving lights on throughout the house
- leaving a window or door open during heating season or cooling season
- air leaks around closed doors or windows
- keeping your heating system temperature high at night
- leaving your TV on when no one is watching it

Wasted energy is wasted money.  Period.  We pay for the fuel that is consumed. In our electric bills, our oil bills, our water bills, etc.    Need a raise or a way to make more money?   Find the energy waste sources in your home and stop the waste.  You will instantly put more money in your pocket.  And you will instantly start doing your part to help save the Earth.

I always reference saving the Earth, and this may be confusing to many people…how does energy reduction help save the Earth?  I plan to discuss this in my next blog update. I will discuss the greenhouse effect and global warning, and how we impact the Earth.

Tip of the week:  Turn down that thermostat and save $$ !
Did you know that turning down your thermostat by 2 degrees during the day and 2 degrees at night could save about $150?  Turn it down another 2 degrees at night and save $225….and spew 1500 less pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! 

Have a great week. Think energy savings!



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